Huge X-Class Flare Coming Our Way

January 20th 2005

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

Early this morning, an X7-Solar flare unleashed from the Sun, so powerful it has already caused radio blackouts. Warnings have been issued to power companies for possible power grid outages. There is speculation Edison Power Company of Southern California which experienced a long duration power outage yesterday, may have been caused by ongoing geomagnetic storms. However, their formal statement issued says the power outage was due to “high winds”. I would suggest one leads to the other.

Last nights Proton Flux indicates a sharp spike which will act as a knife cutting through our magnetic field and has spurred NOAA officials to issue immediate warnings. NOAA notifies customers of a wide range of space environment conditions. Due to the assortment of space weather events over the past week, all sectors vulnerable to hazardous space weather may feel the effects of the recent activity. These include airline and spacecraft operations, electric power systems, navigation, satellites and communications systems. NOAA received reports of impacts on various communications systems.


Sunspots -> Solar Flares (CME’s) -> Magnetic Field Shift -> Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents -> Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

Watch for continued ‘freak storms’, rapid temperature change, and high winds.

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Thursday January 20th Jim Berkland, Geologist – We will discuss the latest earthquake reports and Jim’s prediction of his “windows” of opportunity. This date will be just five days after the highest tides of the decade.

Tuesday January 25th Dr. Wal Thornhill, Physicist - "The Electric Universe": Plasma has been called the "fourth state" of matter, after solids, liquids and gases. Most of the matter in the universe is in the form of plasma. A plasma is formed if some of the negatively charged electrons are separated from their host atoms in a gas, leaving the atoms with a positive charge. The negatively charged electrons, and the positively charged atoms (known as positive ions) are then free to move separately under the influence of an applied voltage or magnetic field. Their net movement constitutes an electrical current. So, one of the more important properties of a plasma is that it can conduct electrical current. It does so by forming current filaments that follow magnetic field lines. Filamentary p! atterns are ubiquitous in the cosmos.

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