June 15th, 2003

It does seem to me that there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of scandalous truths being exposed in all types of media. Even on Fox and MSNBC News!

The world's consciousness has now been primed by the evolution of consciousness to receive the information detailing their collective situation concerning the continued survival and evolution of the life forms on this planet. (This is the nature of the Truth presented in each 3rd “Day”)
The exposure rate of the truth will continue to accelerate, going deeper and deeper into the bowels of the power corrupt with more and more shocking revelations. If you have read some of the posts made to the articles section on June 14th, 2003, you will have seen the apparent match of our times and 1933, when Hitler was coming to power. Yes there are similarities but there are even more amazing differences.

Over all, 1932 - 1952 was the 5th "Night" of the Planetary Consciousness cycle. (1755 – 2011) That whole cycle is aimed at building a Power Consciousness. This was a time when Power Consciousness was maxing out. In a plant, the consciousness would be of making buds that will become flowers. In humans it would have been the consciousness of between 12 to 17 years of age... Remember that Rush and lack of perspective?

January 5th of 1999 we started the Galactic Consciousness Cycle, which is about the development of an Ethical Consciousness. Ethical consciousness will overlay and overcome Power just as those operating the power consciousness today, have overcome Law and Punishment that were the focus of the previous National Consciousness cycle. For those in the locomotive of the power train, they have by many manipulations, reduced “Law” to ritual, jumbled code and statue based on precedent. (Personal opinion of any judge.) They have controlled law, and it now serves them alone. As far as they can be aware, there is no possible penalty coming their way for any crime, no matter how inhumane or deplorable.
What this means for our immediate future is that those power mongers are going to be bolder and bolder (desperate) in their power grabs. (They will be far clumsier in the process also.) Anyone will be able (if they are willing) to simply look right through their actions and see the intention, methods and inhumanity at a glance.
That’s why some people won’t look. They just don’t want to see any of this.
Okay… That’s okay. Just step away from this sort of people as far and fast as possible. They are, each and every one of them, a ticking time bomb. The truth is coming toward them all anyway and when it finally hits these folks, there is no telling how they will act out, or against whom. In general the later the truth hits these persons the bigger the impact. So be glad your willingness to view the truth is engaged now.
This is very positive sign for your continued survival.
With all these concerns please remember, without the consciousness of Power, you cannot be Ethical and survive. With the power you hold, (your knowledge and intuition) you hold your position. That applies to every aspect of your life. It is from this stable position that you can evaluate the ethics of a situation. While running for your life, ethical considerations slide on down the list pretty far, pretty fast.
So... POWER first, Ethics next.

As well as having a "Whole New Attitude" (Ethical viewpoint) in Consciousness coming in, we also have advanced, instant communication abilities that will not allow secrets to exits as they once could. The "Light" of Consciousness is growing brighter with each passing day and this means that the shadows shrink and, get much darker. Secrets are going extinct and so are those who live within them. What some warn about "Big Brother" I look at, from quite a different perspective. As one consciousness, we are collectively finding out more and more about one another through all sorts of communication technologies. "Big Brother" is an exercise of consciousness and for the moment, it is the monster toting the load for us all. Think of it. It’s a lot of hard work and investment setting up all these intrusive systems. But think on this.
If you have ever dreamed about having telepathic communication, then you sent a direct prayer for the abolishment of all secrets between any of us. For that is what it will take, the allowance of all realities and no fear of reprisal, if telepathic ability is to open in us. This sounds like a planet wide Ethical Consciousness, mixed with new technological advances, type of reality to me. (About 2007 AD)
To be continued....

Continuing Now…
So what does all of this imply for our immediate future?
That totally depends on how conscious the human race gets about the process that we are going through. Without understanding, in any kind of situation, you encounter frustration and fear don’t you? I know that happens to me, and those that I have known over the last 50 years or so. Without a functional understanding we should fully expect humanity as a group to experience first frustration, then anger, then fear and on down the line to death. 6 billion people afraid enough to believe that they have to defend what they supposedly own, to the death, will only lead to one result. Each of us holds the same responsibility to assist in some understanding being presented to humanity.
There are lots of realities, guesses, channelings, prophecies, excuses and blame that are out there. Most of them have no physical way to confirm the beliefs. So, they are very subjective understandings applying to some but not to all. The information contained within the Mayan calendar, the Schedule of Creation, does have the scientific facts gathered over the last 300 years or so to demonstrate the validity of these statements to any and all, who choose to pay attention. This objective information does apply to everyone here now, those who came before and, those yet to come. It is my opinion that this sort of information is more important to pass along than any type of ritual, meditation, methodology or beliefs developed before this information was made available to consciousness.

We are at High Noon of the 3rd “Day” of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle of the Mayan calendar, with truth pouring forth from everywhere about how we have been mentally enslaved to government and corporations. As of today, June 15th 2003, there are 177 periods of 24 hours left, before we enter the 3rd “Night” of this Galactic Cycle. Looking at how fast truth is being disclosed right now and applying the acceleration factor, we are going to see far more of this than most would want to know. 177 more days of this? WOW!

The last 3rd “Night (1854 – 1873) was when the American Civil War took place. Are we in for another one? Sure looks like it. Does it have to be violent? No. If there is enough understanding of the process, this could just be a great wakening for us all.
From my personal experience I would not bet on this transition being easy or gentle. Not only are those at the top bearing down on all information, (Patriot Act II as example) but the chicken shit public who will gladly give up freedom for comfort. That loss of freedom will include not being able (no personal freedom) to think of the repercussions of current actions taken on your behalf by your “Protective” Government.

10,000 Iraqi civilians, men, women and children were blown to pieces by the American and British governments just recently in your name. Imagine guts and bones of your friends and family hanging from trees and sticking up from rubble piles. Now, how long did you actually look at that before you turned your mind away? Did you come up with the idea that I should not be writing like this about these horrible things? If that is the case, you have a lot more to worry about within yourself. And those around you should be backing away right now. If making your car, insurance, house or rent payment, are more important to you than what your government is doing to protect your “American Privileges”, you’ve got a very big problem that is gonna eat your soul whole.
Please read the article about slipping into Fascism before 1933 that was posted 6/14/03 at the articles section on this web page.

As demonstrated in past “Nights” we are once again going to be presented with demands for courage by those who have none. Governments and an army of religious and corporate cronies are going to rise up in looming, oppressive power. Self -intoxicated, they will stagger into your life with only compliance or ruin in its blinded mind.
Cities of the world, being power centers, attracting those who crave power, will be the focus of this turmoil. All power will not disappear. Technology will not just vanish during the coming storm. Gas, food, telecommunications and electricity delivery should be expected to fail some time in the 3rd “ Night”. (My bet is the midnight, June 7th 2004) This will last for approx 180 days or so. It will all come back on line, provided by free energy devices for everyone on planet earth by around 2005.
This is a big flush my friends. Nothing of the current shit remains in the bowl.
So what to do?
First, get out of any city, find some water supply and then start growing food.
For those of you who thought, “How could I do that? And at what cost to my personal position in society? (Your possessions) And if you again turned away mentally, read the posts or watch the videos we have done during 2002 to evaluate the accuracy of the Mayan calendar for predicting current and future events. This is no joke.

We cannot resist or stop what is coming. The damn has burst as of June 12th 2003. Consciousness and the truth will move and or eliminate any resistance as it comes forward. We can only report down stream that it is time to head for “higher ground.”
I am asking that those of you who have come to understand this information to please pass it to others so that they can examine the information for themselves. Those of you that have already shared this information have felt the gratitude of the people you showed it to and you get my thanks here as well.

That’s it for now folks.

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold