Your Evolutionary Occupation

Most of us were taught about evolution in school. We were taught that evolution has occurred all through the distant past up to somewhere around Darwin’s thesis on the subject.

What if evolution is still happening? What if evolution is speeding up? During the lifetime of everyone who is reading this, we have seen extreme increases in the amount of information we each have to deal with just to keep up with our environment.

A working definition of evolution is the natural development of increased survival skills or abilities in a species.

Our basic physical form was established by evolution eons ago. It is our mind or our belief in our abilities Vs physical barriers that is evolving now and quickly.

As stated above evolution is an unfolding or natural development of increased abilities. This natural process is timed and delineated by the Mayan calendar, as are all natural cycles.

The ancient Maya left us lessons written in stone, that there are 13 steps or intentions to evolution and that these occur, from immensely long to incredibly short duration’s of time, but always in 13 steps. These steps repeat over and over again like waves curling and crashing upon a beach.

Each person is born with one of these steps as their primary purpose or spiritual occupation.

In the last issue of Magical Blend, #65, you can find charts to compute your birthday on the Mayan Sacred calendar.

When you find your birthday on the Mayan calendar, it will show you your Solar Glyph, or physical propensities and a number that corresponds to your Traits and Talents, or your particular spiritual occupation. Yes, we all partake in each of these steps but one, is part of your vibratory essence.

Knowing this information can be like a compass that steers you toward your true purpose for being here at this time.

There are many ways to describe the energies of the 13 steps. In our attempt to make the Mayan calendar as applicable as possible we are going to explain them as an action plan or pathway of the unfoldment of creation.

  1. We begin at the beginning, the inception of an idea or intention. A single point of creation that is so small as to not exist at all. None the less, it is the beginning. (People born with this number are always having ideas and starting new projects. You guys don’t worry you’re not necessarily suppose to finish anything, just start stuff.)

  2. Two be or not to be. Now a second creation, another non-dimensional point. Polarities like Ying and Yang, Male / female, light / dark, all are choices that create the first dimension, a line between two points. (Person’s born with this number are very interested in keeping a balance by decision and they always know the middle ground.)

  3. This is the step of action or communication between the two points.

  4. This third non-dimensional point also creates the 2nd dimension, a plane. Think of a flat triangle. You got it. (Person’s born with this energy are eloquent speakers, writers or artists. They are also often restless, as motion is their essence.)

  5. Here is the creation of space, the 3rd dimension or volume. Number 4 is the foundation stage where structural stability is established and boundaries are delineated. Think of a cube and you’ve got the idea of 4. (If you were born with this number, definitions and measures, rules and procedures are your forte.)

  6. This number is the center. All other points or parts are relative to 5. Each of us is at the center of our lives and our universe. 5 is an organizing intention. Think of the junction of an X, Y and Z-axis. (If 5 is your number you are a natural manager or networker who can probe to the core of any situation.)

  7. This is the number representing flow. If 3 is movement along a line, 6 is a volume moving through space creating time. (If 6 is your number you are more than likely very comfortable in your body and quite possibly an athlete. You got the flow, dance on.)

  8. Here is the energy of spirit. This stage is for alignment with the rest of creation and the establishment of purpose. (7 being your number means you have a keen sense of ethics and of your choices between light and dark. You are very reflective. Look at the center column of the Mayan Sacred calendar.)

  9. Harmony and balance are the intent of this step. Remember the cube of 4? Now stack cubes on top, under and next to each other to infinity and you’ve got the idea of 8. (Persons born with this number are very interested in organization and justice for all. Even if you don’t want them to be.)

  10. This stage is where we get an overview. . Plans begin to come to completion and we get a perspective of the bigger picture. (If you were born with this number, Patience and perseverance are strong in you or you suffer greatly for the lack. Completion of cycles is all-important.)

  11. This step is the actualization of the initial intent. What was dreamed and planned now becomes manifest. Here ideas become reality. (Those born with this number carry a great responsibility. Where they put attention becomes manifest be it good or foul.)

  12. Now we simplify and eliminate. What is unnecessary or superfluous to the manifested creation is cut away. (If 11 is your number you are all about change and improvement. This can actually estrange you from some people who don’t like to change. Maybe you noticed.)

  13. Once the dust has settled, an understanding of the outcome can occur. This comprehension can now be applied to a new intention. (People with this number are sort of like Inspector #12. They give their stamp of approval on what they have understood and pass it along to others.)

  14. The energy of 13 is the willingness to try something new or to try again. Another aspect of it would be ascension to the next level. (Person’s with this number’s energy are intensely interested with what is over the next mountain and ways that things could be done differently.)

So we have come full circle and are now ready for the next intention of evolution, and on and on we go.

I happen to believe that in these times, the" natural" selection approach to evolution is over. We are now as a race, poised for self-selection or self-actualization. The Mayan calendar is a tool or blue print for you to use.

Welcome to the Evolution

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