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SO LONG AGO that time as we understand it has very little meaning, Earth, our mother, was conceived of a wisp of interstellar gasses. She gravitated and coalesced with her brother and sister planets around a star, our Sun.

She condensed and cooled into a slag encrusted ball during her infancy, whirling through space, spewing molten rock and noxious gasses. Boiling and fuming, she tossed continent-sized chunks of her crust into a hydrochloric atmosphere, either in a tantrum or just the glee of self-discovery.

Over an unimaginable amount of time, she began to cool her emotions and her oceans appeared, filled to brimming by a new atmosphere that began to reign.

Our Sun noticed the Earth in her early adolescence and, in his embrace, she became pregnant. Nucleic acids reacting to the Sun’s ultra violet rays sparked life in the ambiotic fluids of her primordial seas.

Immense cycles of time wheeled on, Earth matured and life evolved. Out of the seas onto the land, grasses, ferns, flowering plants and trees carpeted the plains, hills and mountains. Mollusks became insects, fishes crawled out to become reptiles.

Our Mother Earth nurtured her young family of life forms to the age of dinosaurs.

Then she took a direct hit by a large asteroid. In the blink of an eye came the end of an age. Teaching our mother some very powerful lessons.

She continued as any mother would, determined to rebuild her life, her family.

Mammals became dominant and eventually man. The rest of the story, though sketchy through the mists and myths of time, is our Herstory and more recently, history.

And so now here we stand, Humanity. A race reared up to pubescence.

As many other pre-adolescent children, we stand separate from our mother—self-centered, feeling superior to our parents. Ready to leave the nest, but with no known way out. So we may trash our room (accidentally) break some family heirlooms, and sulk in our self-pity while picking fights with our siblings.

Possibly it is time for humanity to grow up. Mother Earth will not stand for this kind of behavior very long. Did yours? Would you?

Mother Earth and Father Sun love us still. They have raised us and taught us and learned from us as all good parents do. They have imparted to us their vast knowing. Current life scientists and quantum physicists are now finding clues to this knowledge wound in our very DNA. Indigenous peoples around the world carry this knowing, this "Wisdom of the Ages," in their hearts as well as the DNA code. We call these people "indigenous," that is, until they shut down their heart connection to our parents. When they join us in the concept of ownership and greed, we call them a "third world developing country" and anxiously extend them loans to "develop" their natural resources and soon, to buy more effective weapons to "protect" themselves and their property. No question about it. This is what is happening to the world’s rainforests and in cultural conflicts all over the globe.

For eons, Father Sun, Mother Earth and Sister Moon have nurtured us and helped us to grow and learn. We carry the "Wisdom of the Ages" in our bodies and if we are really as smart as we think we are, we will turn our attention to these wisdoms.

We will reconnect our hearts to the cycles and the bounty of light and love that shower down on us each and every day. The ecology movement is the beginning of our reconnection. Increasing interest in herbal remedies, alternative medicine, acupuncture and the recognition of astrological cyclical influences are all steps in reconnecting to our true heritage.

The ancient indigenous peoples of Earth left many clues pointing to their wondrous connection to the Earth, Sun and the Moon’s energies. All over the Earth, carved carefully, artfully, on huge stone monuments, are the diagrams of the relationships of man and his parents, the Sun and Earth.

Archeologists have puzzled over the meanings of these messages and the methods of construction of these massive stone structures by "primitive" societies. The missing piece to their puzzle is their own heart connection to what they have regarded as lifeless lumps of matter in the vast vacuum of space.

These massive stone monuments, with stones fitted so precisely a piece of paper won’t slide between them, some of the single stones weighing 200 tons each, are all set at what the ancient called Sacred Sites. These sites all lay on electro-magnetic grid lines that criss-cross the globe. Is it so outrageous for us, with all of the technological marvels that we have developed using Mother Earth’s natural resources, to consider that we might have missed or "forgot" one of her offers of help? Could it be possible that the ancient indigenous people worked with Earth’s energies to form and move these massive stones? To grow crops? To steer the weather? The clues are there, the legends are there. Where is our wisdom? Blocked by our new found sense of self, as separate from the parent?

Adolescence is a tough period of development in most people’s lives. Breaking away from the family unit is often precipitated by emotional upheavals and a lack of affinity. Whether this is the only way, or the most preferred method to propagate new family units or not, it is what is happening here. Most protégée soon rejoin the parents in a separate but supportive relationship. Remaining a part of the "tribe" gives you access to the collective wisdom of the extended family.

It is time for us as Earth’s children to rejoin our relationship. Time to extend our hearts in support of our Mother Earth and even Father Sun. How can we do this?

The indigenous peoples know how. We need only pay attention to the cycles or communication frequencies of Father Sun, Mother Earth and Sister Moon.

Life scientists discovered Biorhythms in the 60’s. They have now discovered a connection of these with the gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun’s electro- magnetic emissions. Is there some primal message here?

If you are a woman, or if you are in relations with a woman for more than 30 days you may become aware of the basic rhythm of this planet. This rhythm is the communication frequency of all life and creation on this planet. 13 moons of 28 days

each which makes one round we call a year. Remember in those old Cowboy and Indian movies when the Indian chief says; "Many moons ago"? Did he know something that we should?

Hopi elders have just recently disclosed to the world that most of North American

indigenous culture came from the Maya. Including the thirteen moon calendar that tracked the seasons, migrations, religious ceremonies, their prophecies and of course the age of each individual. The Maya appeared only some 3000 years ago, and appeared rather suddenly we might add. Seemingly overnight these mysterious people popped up in the Yucatan Peninsula, complete with a written language of over 800 symbols and a mathematical notation system rivaling our own. And began building massive stone temples devoted to the Sun, the Earth, The Moon, and to Venus.

Everywhere, carved in stone, is the message that our connection with our Mother Earth and Father Sun is our connection to the stars. These people then just as mysteriously deserted their cities at the peak of their development. Mysterious to the archeologists, not for the people of the Maya. While we have a science of matter, they had a science of time and had an unobstructed view of the future. They saw Cortez coming. This is the same source of many of the North American Indian prophecies as well.

The Great White Serpent did come and take the land from the Red Serpent. The White Serpent did not love the land and the Mother Earth has become sick. The Sacred White Buffalo has been born ( four of them so far ) and the Rainbow Warriors (environmentalists) have returned to heal the Mother.

The Maya prepared for the arrival of the Europeans and a time of darkness they called the 9 Hells. Everywhere they left clues connecting us with the cosmic cycles. Carved in stone that would not burn. Then they quietly slipped into the jungle and high mountains to protect some of their books containing this sacred information until the dark tide had passed. It has passed, the White Buffalo has been born, and now is the time to release these truths again so that all of humanity can prepare for the next series of changes. These cosmic cycles have maps or periodic charts. One of these charts or calendars is called the Tzolk’in.

As the Maya recorded, the Tzolk’in is a notation of the flow of energy or information through-out our galaxy. Yes, they did know we were in a galaxy. They call the center of our galaxy HunabK’u. From the center of our galaxy there emits a creative pulse of light in a series of 13 tones. Take a pebble and toss it into a quiet pool and watch the ripples run. Watch the ripples 1-13 then take another pebble…

This creative pulse is an action plan in 13 steps, repeated over and over again, continually adding to and changing creation; In another word, Evolution. Each person embodies one of these steps as his spiritual energy or "Tone" from birth, for his or her entire lifetime.

Reciprocating each star or sun sends out waves of light in 20 pulses called Sacred Sun Signs. Each person picks up one of these vibrations at birth as well. These waves of light meet the galactic tones each day and set up a harmony or resonance of vibration. This vibration of light is what our quantum physicists tell us become the sub atomic particles that make up the atoms and molecules which make up the couch or chair that you are sitting on and the magazine that you are reading. As well as your body, the vague wisps of energy called thoughts and all the rest of your experience.

The implications of this information could be seen as staggering. Many scientists should be and are, looking into all of the ramifications and possibilities as of right now. This is a good thing because it will keep them quite busy for a very long time. We, on the other hand, can simply start to remember this information. This is not information that you need to study hard or mentally figure out. It is so much a part of us and everything around us, that we need only expose ourselves to a little of the information (to prime the pump so to speak) and open our hearts. Most of us have a feeling that things are not quite right in our world. And that major changes are on the way. This feeling is coming from your solar plexus, your personal expression of the sun. It is a "gut" level message. If we can feel these messages, maybe we can "Tune in " these feelings in such a way to make things a little bit better here for all of us.

Fortunately for us there is a fun, useful and phenomenally accurate science of astrology based on this information. It is called Mayan Galactic Astrology or the Sacred Tzolk’in. You can now obtain these very recently discovered conversion charts. They are called the Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex. It is a beautiful, 11x27, tri-folded, presentation of Mayan art work and The "True Count of Days" as kept by the K’iche’ Maya for the Last 3000 years. K’iche’ descriptions of the various day energies are also included. Click Here for more information on the Mayan Calendar / Conversion Codex.


Please be aware that there is a "New Age" Count, then there is the "True Count of Sacred Days" that has been kept for the last 3000 years. Day by day by the K’iche’ Maya in the Guatemala Mountains. They have come forth, to set the calendar information straight and we are directly helping them to do that. The "Count" that we have presented and the names along with the definitions of the Day Lords and the "Galactic Tones" are the K’iche’ teachings. It has been an honor to study the indigenous calendarists and shaman. They have verified that the Maya, Toltec and Aztec civilizations share the same calendar, calendar day, and day meaning. This means that either they have had it wrong for the last three thousand years or the "New Age Count" is suspect.

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