Benefits of Creation's Acceleration

by Ian Lungold

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The acceleration of Creation has an immense benefit to all who choose to participate.
Remember back to your first bicycle riding days. You got more stability with more momentum. There is a formula that goes like this. "Peace of Mind" comes when persons or a society are "Centered." Centered-ness comes from certainty. Certainty comes from only one place, the recognition of patterns. So when a person or society has recognized a pattern as great as all of Creation ­­ there is Great certainty and centered-ness. So, there is great Peace of Mind.

Think on the principle of the gyroscope. It is a centered axle with change all around it. The faster the change the more stable the gyroscope. This is the basic benefit of the new information on the schedule of Creation. It allows a person to achieve the recognition of pattern, on a scale unprecedented in our human history. This ability is needed and provided by Creation/Consciousness just as earlier steps of the evolution were provided and on the same schedule.

"What you pay attention to you become conscious of." This is the number one law of the Universe. No matter how highly evolved a being is, or is not, this rule applies absolutely. If you are able to pay attention to the unfolding pattern of Creation this is what you will be conscious of. The speed of change and the continued disclosure of the nature of Creation will become a stabilizing force in your existence. Not a confusing tumble of cause and effect, accident and loss. Most people at this time resist change for fear of loss.
This is our challenge, to educate humanity that the changes scheduled as per the Mayan calendar, are for the up-liftment of all. They are the sure steps of the continued evolution of consciousness and the increase in personal choice of experience. A return of personal absolute sovereignty. More is possible with each passing second. Pass it on.

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold
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