June 17th 2002
Midnight of 2nd Night of the Galactic Cycle

There is coming a great change in the direction of consciousness. There is a noon in every Day and a Midnight to each Night in the schedule of Creation's Evolution. These points are a change in direction. For the last few months at our public talks I have been informing the crowds that June 17th is the Midnight of the 2nd Night of the Galactic consciousness Cycle. This will bring about a huge shift in the way we perceive our situation. The shift will be toward fulfilling the purpose of the approaching 3rd Day.(Dec 14th 2002)

The 3rd Day of the Galactic Cycle is all about the light of new consciousness exposing the truth. The failings of the previous consciousness cycle come to the surface so that they can be overcome and the evolution can continue.

The 3rd Night (Dec. 9th 2003) is about the application of those truths. The truths in this case, will bring about the dissolving of Nations as a power base or as a reason for contention anywhere.

I am putting this notice up on the web page to demonstrate the validity of the schedule of the Mayan calendar. The truth about our government's involvement in the terrorism of the planet will be coming forth. And unholy shit is going to fly until the resolution near the end of the 3rd Night (Dec 4th 2004)

There is much more, all of it much better news in our future.
We all need to know that this trouble will pass by 2004.

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold

May 18, 2002



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