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Welcome to the Evolution

"In lak'ech" is a Mayan phrase that means; "You are another myself." It is with that understanding that the next few pages are written. No one person can take sole credit for the following information. All of our ancestors have contributed their spirit and experience to bring this data forth and into a useable form. It is up to us to begin to use this data, to the benefit of Consciousness. This will be a joyous occupation.

I see it like this.

Affinity is the feeling of being drawn toward things and people we agree with. Reality is what we agree upon and Communication is how you establish and maintain all agreements. It is with these 3 building blocks that all of spirit has built up the appearance of our Universe. 1.People like whatever they may agree with. (Natural law of attraction) 2.Spirits create Reality by agreement. (Majority rules is working like it or not) 3.Agreement is established with Communication. (Realities are changeable) 4.Communicating is all that you are ever doing with all of your senses. (Not just the familiar 5) 5.This activity builds or creates any and all Understanding. (Conscious Evolution)

This is what we are going to do here.

The Mayan calendar has now been proven to document the rate and type of change that has become the Evolution of all of Creation. From light and sound, to physical particles and on to stars, galaxies, suns and planets. All of creation has happened on a schedule of cyclical time. By laying what we now know of what happened when, next to the Mayan calendar we can see a pattern emerge. Major events in the path of our Evolution have happened on the major timing shift points of the Mayan calendar.

16.4 Billion years of coincidence is just too much for me to casually discount and I'm sure everyone who looks into this will feel the same. I will be writing a book right after I finish this letter that will provide resource guides for you to investigate this for yourself. This information is much too important to be held by only a few. Also you will need a certainty of this information so you can share it with confidence with others. The best proofs are facts confirmed by independent sources that never considered they would be a source. I will soon begin to provide a wide range of proven scientific dates for you to look up as well as the actual Mayan calendar Shift dates. This will be posted at www.mayanmajix.com as I write my book on line there. You mix and match data and dates and have a great discovery about this information. Your Own. Fair enough? I will be using "The Timetables of History" by Bernard Grun "The Timetables of Technology" by Bryan Bunch & Alexander Helleman and "Our Universe" a National Geographic publication by Roy Gallant as sources for this information. These are commonly available authoritative sources.

One thing that the Mayan calendar states that we can sort of all see for ourselves right now, is the acceleration of Creation. Most people that you talk to have had the feeling that time is getting away from them. That it is racing off somewhere. That is an optical or mental illusion. Think of yourself sitting at a stoplight in your car and the guy next to you backs up. Wow! You stomp on that brake! You thought you were moving forward. You even felt it. That is the kind of illusion we are experiencing with our sense of time.

The Mayan calendar is built on 9 levels of Consciousness that we are calling Creation Cycles. Each of these cycles is 20 times shorter than the one before it but each contains the same amount of Creation. Each of these Creation Cycles are sub divided into 13 sections of Light and Dark. There are 7 Light sections and 6 dark sections to each Creation Cycle. This forms a wave pattern of Creation known to the Maya as Quetzal Coatl or Kul Kul Kan, It is this pattern, demonstrated each Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza, as the Feathered Serpent, the principle of all Creation. He comes down all 9 levels of the temple there in a pattern of 7 triangles of light and 6 triangles of shadow. The acceleration of Creation is increasing the frequency of this wave pattern. We are just beginning to notice the increase because the cycles we have been recently passing through have frequencies quicker than a lifetime. Looking at the National Cycle, which started in 3115BC, each of these sections of Light or Dark took 397 years. During the Planetary Cycle starting in 1755 the Lights and Darks were 19.7 years. In this Galactic Cycle, began 4 January, 1999 we see the same amount of changes in 360 days. Does anyone need more proof than what we see and hear on the Daily News or "On Line" here? The next Cycle is called the Universal Cycle. These same changes will be occurring every 20 days.

So what's the Big Deal? Your Mind has a speed limit, not your consciousness. That's the "Big Deal." Events are speeding up, data is coming in from everywhere, developments in technology are a torrent, change is ravaging all of our systems including relationships of all kinds and this causes the mind to express STRESS!

Some of you may have had near or actual accidents during which you saw time slow down or even go to a frame x frame experience? I know I have. These moments are very memorable because they are a straight shot at the truth. Your mind is taking pictures one by one and you can stand back and watch that happen. Proving your consciousness does not have a speed limit. It is timeless. Actually you do take those pictures at about 33 per second, this is called the Flicker Frequency. You can "know" faster than you can think is what this means.

Good deal! Cause "Thinking Fast" just ain't gonna get it here pretty soon. Like an old out-dated computer the mind will be left behind. You'll still have your mind just don't try to rely on it. Speaking of computers, Computers are now making decisions at a rate well in excess of 1 billion per second. That is the speed of our current consciousness. The rate of changes in our future predicted by the Mayan calendar will be far faster than the mind could ever keep up with. Ultimately your Consciousness, which has no speed limit but which is constant, will be the only way to keep up with the rate of changes. This is where we've been headed all along to be living fully in our intuition. Everyone reading this has felt/heard their own Intuition calling to them. Over and over the message has washed through you that change is here, not just coming and there is something you need to do about it. Like the Animals at migration time you have felt the urge to move. But, go to where? To do what? That is why we are all resonating to this message. You "feel" that there is some answer here, that this is all familiar somehow. Like whales in the ocean, we are discovering we're all wet with Creation. That's how familiar this is.

Where Are We All Going? Out of Our Minds That's where! Going out of your mind has gotten a bad connotation from the shrink/psychos. It may seem scary at first but wait a minute. You've been out of your mind lots of times. People try to get out of their minds with all sorts of methods all the time. Almost always with the relief of stress in "Mind." For centuries people have been using various meditations, herbs, drugs or alcohol, even sex (if your doing it right) as methods to move out of the mind. Now parachuting from airplanes or cliffs, leaping from buildings or bridges on a Bungee line, all sorts of dangerous activities or those dumb numbing network sitcoms are examples of ways and extremes used to get you "out of your mind."

What is Just Outside of Your Mind? YOUR INTUITION

There is another way to safely go out of your mind. One that worked for the Mayan civilization and we are getting hints from everywhere that other more ancient peoples used the same or similar method in the more distant past. "What-ever you put your attention on is what you become conscious of." This is a rule that can't be broken. We can use it to our advantage. The flow of Creation would of course be the true source of all knowing. Everything that happens, all Cause and Effect comes from that flow. If we put our attention on the actual flow of Creation then we are "Tun-ing" our consciousness to the source of all knowing. The Mayan calendar we now know, expresses the flow of all of Creation. Thus the Mayan calendar is and always was, a tool to synchronize your awareness to that flow thereby opening your personal Portal of Intuition. There is no need to study hard or think too deeply about any of this. You should verify the facts about the Mayan calendar's timing to your own satisfaction and not take any of this on faith. Beyond that, thinking too much about any of this will just get in the way. All you have to do is put your attention briefly on the meaning, intent and symbol of each day on the Mayan calendar and then go live your life each day. This and the confirming experience of your own reality will naturally and smoothly entrain your Consciousness to Creation. Then you will be set to ride whatever changes may come and benefit as you go.

Too simple?

No apologies from me. The "Truth" is always simple.

Everything Will Happen at Once

In the last day (13 Ahau, Oct. 28th 2011) the changes of the 7 lights and 6 darks will accelerate even faster and faster right up to the point that so much Creation is flowing that everything in infinity will happen all at once. Which is the truth in the first place (Creation exists in total right now with no past of future) but the illusions of Time and Space by that time will be completely dissolved.

End of Mayan Calendar.

As the Hopi Elders Have Recently Stated;

There is a river flowing very fast. It is so swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel that they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know that the river has a destination. The Elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river.

And I say, see who is in there with you and Celebrate! At this time in history we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves. For the moment we do our spiritual growth comes to a halt. The time of the Lone Wolf is over. Gather your Self's together. Banish the word Struggle from your attitude and vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in Celebration!

More and More is Happening in Every Moment.

This means that more and more is possible to occur in every moment. Miracles are walking, soon to be running then flying everywhere. You will participate willing, knowing, or not. You choose.

Yours in service, Ian Xel Lungold

Some Background As way of introduction, my name is Ian Xel Lungold. I began my own journey into the Mayan civilization with the creation of Mayan glyph jewelry. I was drawn deeper and deeper by the sacred Mayan symbols, which "spoke" their meanings to me. I'm sure they will speak to anyone who listens. This is what makes the jewelry so important and why I kept going. I was told very early on that my mission (If I chose to accept it) was to make the Mayan culture "Fashionable." Fashion being the highest expression of art (spirit) that our current civilization aspires to. In general, for most of humanity living in developed countries, whatever is "in fashion" is what is cool and you'd better be too. So if this is the system lets use it to feed something through other than a new car, dress/handbag or Lip Gloss color. Knowing that the symbols speak these were the first obvious objects/tools to market. That was how I got started. It all quickly changed as I joined stage by stage, the actual flow of this opening in creation. As I took up the task, as mine to do my destiny and life pattern changed drastically. At every turn there were more and more "coincidences" happening that directed the flow of events.

This I recognized as Mighty Strange. Being a hang-glider pilot, I have become used to just jumping off and soaring away. I figured that it was time for me to the same sort of thing once again. But, this time.. No Glider. I was directed to journey to Central America and to visit the Mayan sites of Tikal, Palengue, Quetiqua, and Copan, to speak with the Elders and find the truth of the Calendar count. I was redrawn to the Yucatan to meet with Hunbatz Men and do ceremony (alone) at Chichen Itza, Koba and Izamal. Later I found myself once again in the Maya lands in route to meet with Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez, who is the leader of the Indigenous Council of Priests and Elders. Sites of Isamal, Koba, Chichen Itza, Tulum, and the Sacred Door in Amatlan Mexico all were places of spontaneous ceremonies. By that I mean, all of this was just allowed by myself to raise up when it would and I would just do the sounds or movements that seemed "right" for the time and place. Like I said, No Glider.

Anyway, I moved to Cancun, Mexico to market my "Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex" and a Maya/Aztec astrological place mat I had invented to the tourist hotels that would in turn, spread the calendar over the world through the tourists returning to their home countries. Well.. That was the plan. As it turned out I ended up going to the London Holistic Fair with these products and took a very important side trip to Glastonbury for 13 days. The TOR and I have some tales to tell some day. The TOR is an ancient tower there at the crossing point of the Mary and St Michael Leigh lines.

Once returned to Cancun, I had Carl J. Calleman PhD. Come and stay with me for 2 months while we attempted to get his book, "Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time" published there. We met with the Governor, Secretaries of education and tourism, magazine and newspaper editors, did a press conference and generally made ourselves a nuisance. In the meantime during long deep discussions his data became the missing links in my own theory that the Mayan calendar was the "Portal of Intuition" and that is where we come today. We are both working now to spread this information. He's writing and speaking in Europe and I am over here in the Americas.

We welcome you to The Evolution.

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