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In Memory of Ian Xel Lungold
10 Year Memorial

Ian Xel Lungold
January 26, 1949 - November 16, 2005
12 - Sun (Ahau, Ajpu)

Today we remember our friend Ian Xel Lungold who crossed over 10 years ago. Matty and I are amazed how a decade has gone by since we last saw Ian. The river of time has moved swiftly!

We are so pleased when we hear from people around the world who have been touched by Ian's teachings. To our amazement some people still e-mail us asking to speak with Ian, wanting to share their thoughts after watching one of Ian's lectures on You tube. This truely is a testament to Ian's impact on this world.

In addition to being a passionate teacher, Ian was also a very talented artist and poet. In fact, it was during the process of sculpting the 20 Mayan Sun Signs where Ian connected with the Mayan Calendar on a deep level. But prior to discovering the Mayan calendar, Ian was known for sculpting very detailed miniature figurines.

So on this special day of remembering Ian, Matty and I thought it would be fun to share some photos of Ian's sculptures that have not been shown publicly. These pirate sculptures were carved 20 years ago, in 1995. They are made of bronze and hand painted by Ian. The approximate size of these figurines is 3 to 4 inches, and as you can see when you view the full size photos they are quite intricate.

Along with the pirate sculptures, Ian wrote a poem to accompany them. He titled it, "Bring it A board!"
It is our hope that by sharing this side of Ian that you will appreciate Ian' s passion for life and perhaps be inspired!

Bring it A board!

Down from the crow's nest
Sail Ho!  Came the cry
Where Away?  Yelled the Captain
Three Points t' larboard came the reply
Cabin Boy! Bring me my Glass
So's I can see

What ship's on yon waters
And who's flag she may be

Riding down in the trough
Rising up on the swell
Peering through dawn's yet young light
At last he could tell

Galleon of the treasure fleet!
and storm battered she was
with her main and her mizzen mast
Snapped off like straws
Lines, shrouds, sheets and spars
Lay afoul off er starboard beam
The Captain's face took a wicked smile
and his eye an evil gleam

First mate pipe me quarters!
Boswain! Crowd on more sail!
By afore noon we will catch her
Cries for mercy we will not avail
He stood on the poop deck
Glaring down at the crew
Battle hardened sea thieves all
They knew what to do
Capt. met each eye, each one by one
Each nodded his oath
Both elder and young
This was their vote
No use for the tongue

The Captain pulled out his pistol
With which he pointed and roared
there be your Gold me pretty boys
Bring it aboard.

Poem by Ian Xel Lungold

Ian Xel Lungold - Pirate Scullptures
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