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The Galactic Butterfly

The Great Tree and a graphic of the Universal Wave Calendar

View the 9th level Universal Wave Calendar

The Universal Wave calendar starts on 9th March 2011(it has taken 16.4 Billion years to manifest).

The consciousness of Creation's evolution is playing out according to a divine plan and everything is on schedule, this one can grasp though looking at the Mayan calendar and how this aligns to the 9 levels of the Mayan Pyramids. Dr. Carl Johan Calleman's study of the Mayan Calendar is revolutionary.

The seed of the "Tree of Life" came from the "Great Mystery". The Great Mystery allowed for a seed to be planted some 16.4 Billion years ago and this has grown to manifest as the "Tree of Life" forming the many branches from its tall trunk that stands humble and wise with love. The root of the "Tree of Life" is given energy from the beautiful fertile soil in the garden of the universes "Great Mystery". This energy fuels the "Tree of Life" and this in turn feeds the collective consciousness to be consciously alive. In becoming life out of nothing the greatest miracle manifests. The Great Spirit that was given sacred powers from the Great Mystery intended the growth of the sacred "Tree of Life". This conscious action of love allowed for the anti matter to become the matter. A new branch is about to start on 9th March 2011, this will align consciousness to the trunk of the “Tree of Life” and her roots that connect to the infinite universes “Great Mystery”. This new branch is allowing for a new connection to the "Great Mystery" and her Garden of fertile soil. This connection will bring things to change to new levels of awareness as we live to explore our existence. The new branch of the "Tree of Life" is about to be initiated from the "Great Mystery" as the 9th Wave of Universal Co-Creation, according to the consciousness of the Mayan calendar.

The Mayan calendar represents the "Tree of Life". The Mayan calendar's 9th level of consciousness will bring in the Universal Wave, as a process from seed to fruit, starting on 9th of March and ending on the 28th of October 2011. For the first day from 9th to 26th March I am feeling the "seeds of unity" as a vibration of sacred intention into action and doing, and this shining a light of love, resonating through the collective consciousness.

We are arriving at a time in the universe where everything will be divinely guided because we will align directly to the center of the universes “Great Mystery". The universal frequencies of love will resonate through the collective consciousness. This means that the collective consciousness of humanity will be guided divinely. In other words we will align with creations original intention and sacred flow, in harmony and balance. If one looks at the world then one realizes why things are in chaos, because everything is changing to become one with creation. We will sacredly exist as co-creators of heaven on earth in the "Garden of Eden", naturally trusting with truth from our infinite heart of unconditional love.

The collective consciousness is the fruit of the "Tree of Life". We are about to become ripe with the original intention of love. Only in love can we exist in paradise. Life is a privilege.

The Mayan Calendar shows the process of growth from seed to fruit on the TREE OF LIFE. For this reason it is the divine calendar with a prophetic outcome. The prophecies show us that only with love can there be life. On each of the 9 levels of the Mayan calendar are the 13 divisions. These divisions, also known as heavens are the 7 days and 6 Nights. The 1st division in the 1st level has a resonance to the 1st division or the 1st day in all the levels and we reach the 1st day in the 9th and last level on the 9th of March 2011. Thus we are aligning to the trunk of the tree and her roots.

The 8th level resonates to the right brain and eastern hemisphere and thus a closer connection to spirit. This started on the 5th of January 1999, with the fruit growing to become a Galactic consciousness which came into fruition on the 3rd of November 2010. This 12.8 year period from 1999 to 2011 comprises basically of 13 by 360 day Tun calendar cycles which are the 7 periods of light and 6 periods of dark of the 8th level.

You can add your own experiences into these times from 1999 but for me it has been a time of deep exploring within, life is teaching me to trust the divine flow as I see myself connecting to my truth within. I have realized that I am anything but separate. You are me and I am you. We are reflections of each other. Everything is a choice. Who you are and where you come from and what you have become is all part of your choice. This is your reality and equates to your consciousness. The center of who you are is your timing system which for the most part is governed by the physical movement of the earth around the sun. From a physical point of view this keeps our consciousness pinned down to the 3rd dimension and does not help us to connect to the infinite universe where all potential dwells. The Mayan calendar works with a system that allows one to connect to your spiritual growth and for this reason it is becoming very popular with more spiritually inclined people. Aligning to the Cosmic Mayan calendar rhythms and cycles allows you to connect to the divine plan of oneness with the universe. The Mayan calendar is a spiritual calendar that shows the evolution and transformation of consciousness from the spiritual dimensions to the physical 3rd dimension. We are not just physical. With every breath we are manifested into existence. Our minds have a hard time grasping this because we are not our minds. Our heart knows this because this is where our essence comes from. Our heart connects us to the Great Spirit.

The 9th level starts on the 9th of March 2011 and I feel will resonate to the hearts infinite Oneness and a unitary open and clear consciousness with no divisions affecting the global brain (or our brain = opening us up to a clear path to the heart, with no filters = we will be able to connect to the universe like never before = the last time we had a clear and open path to the infinite cosmos was on the 5th level which moved into resonance with the next level 5125 years ago, filtering our collective consciousness to the left brain half, favoring material values).  Our collective global brain is about to favor no separations.

The 9th level will be 234 days in length and will prepare us for entry into a place of sacred existence with the multi-dimensions of the infinite universe (this is the way I am seeing it). The 7th day and fruit of the 9th level will bring the consciousness of complete “Universal Co-Creation” and the 7th day will start on 11th October 2011 and complete on the 28th of October. The same period on the 8th level is 360 days long and 20 x bigger, from 3rd of November 2010 to 28th October 2011. Each day and night of the 13 divisions of the 9th level to infinite expansion is 20 x smaller and will be 18 days. This equates to the feeling of time speeding up, but actually Creation is quickening and shifting the ages to converge and give birth to the new golden age of peace, harmony and balance.

Through the 13 Heavens of 18 days on the 9th level, Creation is divinely intending its growth process from seed to fruit on the Tree of Life. This will manifest a new consciousness on earth, one that will have to bring the collective consciousness closer to center.

The Galactic Waves 8th level as a cross reference to the Universal Waves 9th level

We will walk through this now and as we do this we can look back in consciousness to see what we were up to and how life has grown from a seed to a mature fruit through the Galactic Wave. And we can look forward in consciousness to see what each 18 day cycle of the 9th level might bring but with the understanding that it will resonate to Oneness. For me the understanding is that the 8th Level resonates to a spiritual connection within and thus to the cosmos without, preparing us in alignment with the 9th Wave of the hearts Oneness.

1. First 360 day Tun cycle - 1st Day starts on 5th January 1999
1 = Initiates (sowing the seeds)
Cycle one is a period of light or an opening for the growth of consciousness. The seed is planted and it is time for a new beginning to create the flow in a new direction. For some it may have been a time of being unsure as we entered a new millennium. One is the beginning of all things and new perceptions are available.

(First 18 day cycle of Universal wave - 1st Day = 9th March to 26th March 2011)

2. Second 360 day Tun cycle – 1st Night starts on 31st December 1999
2 = Creates a reaction (Germination of the seed)
Cycle two is a period of dark or the opportunity to apply the enlightenment just received from creations flow. The germination of the seed allows for new points of view. To be or not to be is the question. We are separate but one. We are 2 sides of the same coin and the coin will not be whole if we only look at one side. It is the application of “initiates”. After the seed is planted, does the seed grow or not? Have you noticed that before something begins we hold our breath in anticipation? Breathe in and let go with trust.

(Second 18 day cycle of Universal wave – 1st Night = 27th March to 13th April 2011)

Follow this link to read more.

A graphic of the structure of Creation's 9 levels of consciousness

With love and light,

Sean Alan Caulfield


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