Mayan Majix - The 3rd Night News

5th Issue

October 10, 2005
3 - Reed

Dear 4th Day News Subscribers and Friends of Ian Xel Lungold,

It is will a heavy heart that I write this message to you. Matty informed me a few minutes ago that Ian has been hospitalized and is in serious condition. He is very weak and will be receiving nourishment intravenously since the tumors in his neck / throat area have swollen to the point where he can no longer swallow properly and breathing is becoming difficult. Matty says that the doctors are taking this very seriously, so it appears that theses are critical days for Ian.

It is Ian and Matty's request that at 6:00pm (pacific time) that we all join in on a group prayer / meditation.

Thank you so much for all of your support and know that I will do my best to keep everyone updated as events unfold.

Mayan Majix

P.S. I thought it appropriate to include what Ian said in his last Newsletter so you can feel his optimism and outlook. He's remarkable person and has been a huge influence on me and many others.


May 17, 2005
11 - Serpent

Balance; is the only Victory and the only Glory

First I want to express as well as I can with these words, my deepest gratitude for everyone who has wished me well through this latest adventure. And a special thanks to Madaline who has been growing with me as we have taken each step together in this marvelous and drastic healing process. Getting sick wasn’t so bad it was gradual it took a while sneaking up on me yah know? It’s been this quick YOU turn around and this accelerated healing process that has hurt like hell. What a morning of the 4th Day this has been! (Dawn, Dec 4, 04 – Noon, June 1, 05 Dusk, Nov. 28, 2005).

Ian Xel Lungold

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Ian Xel Lungold
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- June 22, 2004

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