Mayan Majix - The 3rd Night News

3nd Issue

April 7, 2005
10 - Serpent

This Is A Test And Personal Admission

I have written many things to you all but none as personally serious as this writing.

For the past 7 months I have been working through or past or over a pain in my jaw that I had thought was caused by a dental problem. I did go to two different dentists who did X-rays and told me that there was an abscess under a couple of teeth. I did not have the money to get the teeth fixed so I just kept going and doing talks, doing what I rationalized was more important. A couple of Advil pills would get me through the talks that I did but the money received from them was usually just enough to get me to the next presentation. (And some times not even that much.) Not enough money at any rate to get the teeth fixed or even pulled. I did not see the condition as particularly dangerous, just fairly uncomfortable. You see, I kept thinking (Note* my mind not my intuition) that soon I would be able to get the symptoms handled if I just got enough people involved with this information to economically support the dental work needed.

I must admit that I was not living my own truth of following my intuition and I rejected the possibility that anything serious was amiss with my body. I was wrong. It has been over the last 7 months that things started going south physically and in the last 3months a swelling occurred under my jaw line in the lymph gland. On March 10th, I had my right tonsil surgically removed and a biopsy taken of my Lymph gland. The tests on the tissue samples have now come back from the lab and the prognosis is that I have a type of cancer in my right lymph gland a Lymphoma and I was told by the doctor on March 23rd that I would have to go into radiation treatment or I will expire of the cancer.

My admission to you also has to do with the fact that I have not been in my own integrity to the degree that I have been suggesting as imperative to others. Though I have pursued holistic medicine methods I did not go to a physician. I had been making my efforts towards alerting others more important than taking care of my own physical well being.

I have been giving as much of myself as I could conceive of doing and now I must turn around and open to receive. It’s pretty easy to see how this flow now either becomes balanced rather quickly or I will not be able to continue to assist others much into the future. I am hereby declaring myself open for alternatives, second or third opinions, donations, toward my needed treatments and or all of your prayers that this situation gets remedied soon.

Over the last few years I have received communications from people from all over the planet expressing their gratitude for the information that has been researched and put forth through the recorded presentations, web page, on air and in personal appearances. Many have asked how they can help. In the past I have personally thanked those individuals for their kind words and usually answered that by passing Dr. Carl J. Calleman’s research on the Mayan calendar to others you are doing a great service. Now, I really do need some direct help for myself. First, I want to thank everyone for the support that I have already received to get me this far, including the loving being (who does not want their name announced) who loaned me $3000.00 dollars for the doctors who then performed the operation to remove the tonsil and did the lab tests. At least now I know what is up and can directly address the physical condition, find a direction and come to a resolution.

Please, if you know of any products, centers or practitioners of methods to cure the lymph gland cancer or if you can help provide research on such methods please send to If you can send donations of any kind to help cover the costs of the possible treatments I will humbly and thankfully accept those gifts and apply them straight away to the rebuilding of my body’s integrity from the ground up. Please find my heart open to any assistance in any way that you feel you can provide.

And Now Here Is the Test Part

“We are all one and there is no other or them” is the basic truth that is being tested.

All of the wonder, pleasure or trouble in our experience is a reflection of only our own selves. The Mayan phrase “In Lak ech,” “you are another myself.” says it all. Along with that is coupled the dramatic acceleration of Creation that produces more possibilities to happen both good and bad. I have stepped forward in the last few years to discuss these ideas with humanity and as a result I have called these issues right down on to myself to be dealt with. Either we are each manifesting our own reality right now, or we are not. Evidently I have manifested this test for myself in order to put it on display for all to see but especially myself. It is my perception that we all are being tested or will be tested about these issues concerning the nature of creation. I just happened to be somebody who has chosen to share these subjects through talks and writings and thus, my test is here and now demanding my immediate attention and healing.

So, starting from the premise that we and all of creation are one; by accepting and loving my whole self (all of my experience) and by not repulsing what could be seen as negative elements of my experience, darkness, disease, Bushies and economic/social collapse for example, this test will be passed. If on the other hand, I reject certain realities and wall myself off from them by resisting what ever is perceived as evil, I will further suffer the effects of that rejection personally and very directly. Right here, in dramatic fashion, are the very issues that I have been speaking to the world about. This leads me to perceive that my current situation is no random accident (of course there are no accidents) but rather it is a set up to assist the truth coming forth about each of us creating our own reality. My intent is to gather up and acknowledge the love that I have generated in the world this lifetime and to apply that love to shifting my current reality. In many articles I have said “Allow Everything”. As of now I must personally live those words not only to be in my integrity but to literally survive.

The pass or fail of this test could hardly be more important.

So what do I do now? I reach out, I ask for help, I surrender and I connect. It is through our connection and acknowledgements that solutions are provided to any and every situation. Even if this is a more critical situation it is really no different. So let us take the opportunity to do this healing together as the one that we are and then let us celebrate this truth together as we heal each other. Thank you for the love, the knowledge, courage and the reason to go on that you provide. Thank you all.

In service to the God~Us,

Ian Xel Lungold

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Note: this interview was prior to Ian's diagnosis and we have recently had it transcribed.
Thank you Tracy for your assistance.

Ian Xel’s Interview on X-Zone Talk Star Radio

X-Zone Talk Star

The following program deals with controversial subjects, the theories expressed are not the only possible interpretation. Welcome to X-Zone a place where fact is fiction and fiction is reality. Now here’s your host Ralph McConnell

Rob McConnell (RM): I received an email last Thursday from Ian Lungold and it was very compelling it said, “Deeper truths, my friend, deeper truths to look into. For the last two years we have been helping to uncover this and much more information on the workings of corporations, the laws concerning commerce, buying and selling and the truth behind the concept of death. Get ready, like it or not, here comes the truth.” Ian Xel Lungold welcome to the show.

Ian Xel Lungold (IXL):Hello there.

RM: Nice talking to you, Ian.

IXL: I’m glad you guys caught up to me.

RM: We are glad the aliens let you go.

IXL: (laughter)

RM: Ian, the email was very compelling. Could you tell us about it.

IXL: Well did you look up the link.

RM: I want you to share this.

IXL: Well, basically, essentially what we’re all involved with, what we uncovered through the Mayan Calendar is we are all involved with the evolution of consciousness. The way that we are aware, the way that we’ve received our world and our reality is currently changing, and it’s changing faster than it ever has at any point in history. There is more business done, there is more information passed from one point to another in a day, then there were in centuries of business and human enterprise. We are in a massive acceleration about every single thing, not just about spiritual aspects or hopes or endeavors but everything - financial, advertising, corporate organizations, aspirations - everything is changing at a tremendously rapid rate and a very fundamental part of our interpersonal dealings as human beings is our ideas or agreements concerning economy and that too has gone through dramatic changes.

RM: I guess it only stands to reason that we are evolving into a highly technological society.

IXL: Certainly is, now where is all that technological ability or divisiveness all coming from? Where is this breakthrough coming from? It is all a product of an expanding and ever effervescing consciousness and enveloped in all of that has come new enlightenment, new development new understanding concerning our positions as individuals in a sea of commerce. That is a complete ocean of buying and selling that’s going on over your head over the horizon below your feet everywhere you look everything is for sale and in every way you can conceive it. And it is happening in an ever more accelerating rate as well. While there are certain laws and certain principles that we as humans have agreed to concerning this activity of commerce, and when you study in depth the laws, there are certain truths these laws are built on, just like an ocean is built on bed rock there are certain things that are there. And those are basically good solid rules for doing business. The problem is that a lot of these basic rules aren’t ever taught to anyone the basic laws the basic principles concerning commerce. Instead we are fed a whole tale of C – R – A – P- P- P – P, about the whole nature of doing business, and the true rules are held from our consciousness by those who want to be able to break the rules with impunity. And that is all the credit card companies, banks, financial institutions and all corporations, every and all corporations are set up as false entities and on their face, they are a lie and it goes from there that on their face, they are a front. Then the running of the corporation goes from that point and many cases it does not go in a good direction. So the laws that we have been looking into, the discoveries are not anything new it’s just what has been obscured, and now has been brought forward. So in the link that I gave you, that I have provided, and provided on our website, this link when you open it takes you to the proof that the United States government is not a government, and it hasn’t been for a quite while, it’s a corporation, a for profit corporation, and who is on the board, no one knows.

RM: I thought all corporations have to submit who the directors on the board are?

IXL: We thought a lot of things. Actually there are laws that state that this is suppose to happen but most people are not cognizant of them, nobody checks up on it ever and go about just believing what they are told, and they are banking on that. This is not new, it’s only getting exposed as there is more consciousness looking deeper into the cracks here and there. The IRS is a for profit organization and we have copies of their filing in Delaware. It’s really pretty incredible. Now a lot of people are not going to care about this, so what? Well, the so what is the product of where their life is going.

RM: Ian standby, we have to take a two-minute break. Ian Lungold is our guest on X-ZoneTalk Star Radio network. His website is Stay tuned, we’ll be right back……..welcome back to X-Zone Talk Star we are talking to Ian Lungold on money tonight. Ian thanks very much for joining us tonight.

IXL: You’re very welcome

RM: The IRS is a Delaware corporation, now that’s got to have people saying WHAT!

IXL: Oh yeah, there’s lots to learn.

RM: So let’s get scratching beyond the surface, let’s get the dirty stuff.

IXL: (Laughter) In general, in order to really get a grounding in this information, I suggest people go and download 90 pages pdf file for free, at our web page. The book is called How I clobbered every Bureaucratic CASH confiscatory agency known to man by Mary Croft. It’s ninety pages and will introduce people to this deeper level of understanding of our situation concerning our economy and politics and the powers that be and what’s actually going on behind the scenes. It’s quite fascinating and culpable and has everything to do with money on your pocket.

RM: or lack of.

IXL: or lack of, exactly, there is no actual money, it’s just a trust.

RM: Isn’t that what is says on the back of the US dollar, In God We Trust?

IXL: Yeah, actually it literally means you trust your government who is supposedly is back by God, God’s on our side or so that’s the premise.

RM: Ian is there any estimates to say how much money is in limbo because of the auto-tronic transfers given at any time?

IXL: Actually, the amount of money that has been issued is 280 billion dollars, that’s a lot of money. But that’s just money that has been printed and issued. That’s the green stuff. The economy runs or portions of the economy, like the FCC, are doing in the trillions of dollars of business every day. The amount of debt that has been created out of nothing, out of just a promise to pay, that’s with no delivery or service. There’s nothing there except a supposed promise to pay and it creates money, it becomes a financial instrument, and those things are flying everywhere all over the place through the electronic medium. The economy is not on the ground, the economy does not exist at your store or at the bank. 80 to 90% percent on any given day of the economy, the transfer of funds for goods and services and all that, happens through the electronic medium. The electronic medium is transferred between the surface of the planet and seven miles up, that’s where the economy is. It’s not even on the planet and has nothing to do with money or what we think of it as commodity or gold or silver it only happens through imagination. So money is not solid.

RM: Does that mean if everyone went to the bank throughout the US and demanded their money that they could actually topple the banking system and the economic structure?

IXL: Yeah, within six hours it would be all over.

RM: We don’t need terrorism to do that, we could do that ourselves.

IXL: All you need is a lack of confidence (in the system).

RM: And this was shown throughout the ninety’s when a number of trust companies and independently owned banks went under because everyone went to the bank and demanded their money.

IXL: Right and there was bail-out. Fortunately they had the printing presses available and printed up more money and bailed out the bank and that’s exactly what they did. Now they don’t have any available as they are printing 24-7 as fast as they can and can’t keep up with how much new money is being created.

RM: But where’s the money going if it’s all electronic?

IXL: It is actually not money anymore. The whole economy has shifted based on goods, commodity’s and exchange , those kind of positive, solid objects, to where all economy is based on debt and debt only. If someone owes you, you own them, that’s why you guys are all going to work everyday cause you owe somebody and they own you to that degree that’s why you have to go. That’s happening to everybody in the name of commerce. Now the whole schemer is the more debt you control the more you control everything.

RM: Ian standby, we have to take another two-minute break. Ian Lungold is our guest on X-Zone Talk Star Radio network. Stayed tuned, we’ll be right back……..welcome back to X-Zone Talk Star we are talking to Ian Lungold and if you’d like to call us to ask Ian a question dial……….you can also send an email at …. Ian, is there anyway we could print enough money or make this national debt disappear?

IXL: Hmm…that’s a complicated question to answer in the time we’ve got left. But basically no and we don’t have the time to do it anyway.

RM: Really

IXL: Yeah, the Mayan Calendar is a schedule of the shifting of consciousness and basically there’s a shift right now from power to ethics and integrity, and consciousness will always have it’s way, it doesn’t care much how it goes about it getting it, it always gets it. So, ethics and integrity are going to overcome power and there’s a particular time on the schedule when this is most likely to happen. And that is on June 1st of this year. There will come a point on the part schedule of the shifting of consciousness to where there will be no allowance on the part of consciousness where there will be no allowance for dominating type power grabs. It will not be tolerated and will not be shoved under the rug anymore at all. And there probably will be a little wrestling match about then all over the world.

RM: Between who?

IXL: Between any force that is willing to dominate other people and that’s a whole lot of people. This is the corporations, the whole military industrial complex, the whole mind think games, all people involved with that, all the people working for its defense contractors, and all those people who live and will die by the sword all those kind of guys will be under the gun from June 1st on but not under the gun of any particular person or persons but by consciousness itself. It will not tolerate that kind of viewpoint. So what’s going to happen to these people is either they are going to change their viewpoint or they are going to go extinct just like the dinosaurs did, just like the Neanderthal did except is going to happen really, really quick. Cause everything is going to happen really fast.

RM: Hold on Ian, it’s the top of the hour and I have to break for news and then we will be back with questions from listeners, and about June the 1st, I want to know more about that date. Stayed tuned, we’ll be right back to X-Zone Talk Star and if you’d like to call us to ask Ian a question dial……….or you can also send an email at . Now the news……

The following program deals with controversial subjects, the theories expressed are not the only possible interpretation. Welcome to X-Zone a place where fact is fiction and fiction is reality. Now here’s your host Rob McConnell.

RM: Welcome back to Talk Star and to all our listeners who have called their radio stations and said, “hey, I want to hear X-Zone Talk Star Hour on your station”…we thank you. Ian Lungold is our special guest and if you’d like to talk with Ian call ……….or you can also send an email at . We have many questions about the date June 1st and the Mayan Calendar. Before we get to answering our callers questions and as you are talking about the consciousness, could you give us Ian or tell us what this consciousness is?

IXL: Well, Physicists tell us consciousness is everything. It’s the space between you and me right now and everything in between. Consciousness is our whole concept or experience of time and space and material. It is absolutely everything, so everything is patterned after consciousness.

RM: So that means whatever isn’t in our reality is consciousness.

IXL: Whatever isn’t in our reality is possible to become part of our consciousness, it is still consciousness somewhere else just not ours.

RM: You’ve also given us the date of June 1, 2005 where did you get this date from?

IXL: Well it’s from the Mayan Calendar. The June 1, 2005 is the middle point of this current consciousness cycle which last for 12.8 years which started in 1999 and ends in 2011. It is the absolute middle point. Take a ruler or pencil and set it at the edge of the table at a 45 degree angle. Now push it pass the middle point and that pencil or ruler will fall down flat. That is what is happening now to power with ethics right now looming higher and higher over the shoulders of those people in power. And then what happens on June 1st the center of the cycle, is the consciousness of ethics will move solidly down on top of power. It happens every cycle that the next level of consciousness comes down on the previous one. It happened last time in the period between 1873 and 1893 so it’s 1883. That is went the most prominent corporations in the world were being incorporated. What happened right then was when power overcame law as a consciousness.

RM: Stay tuned we have to take a break. We will be back with questions from listeners for Ian Lungold.…we are back with Ian Lungold who is our special guest and if you’d like to ask a question like our listener from Ohio who sent it to please do so. Ian, our listener from Akron, Ohio asks. I would like to ask a culture question…what did the Mayan mushroom stones mean to the Mayans and why did they make these strange faced stones?

IXL: I don’t know.

RM: OK. Let’s go on to the next part of the question. What are your personal views of the final day of the Mayan 2012 long count calendar?

IXL: The general thing we can see is more and more is happening in less and less time as we move forwards. The Mayan calendar explains that there is a schedule of the unfolding of consciousness and that the schedule has an acceleration factor built into it and it’s going to keep on accelerating right up to the very end of the Mayan Calendar which would be absolutely everything that is infinitely possible will all happen at the same time. Or consciousness becomes totally aware of it’s own infinity and thereby consciousness has by-passed any possible consideration of time or space as any kind of limitation or measurable influence whatsoever, and so there would be no purpose whatsoever for a calendar. That’s what 2012 is about. It is the absolute end of limit or the consideration of time and space. Your spirit will be free from the third dimension as a limit and you will be able to experience other dimensions and form exactly who you are all along that path and by the way it’s not an all or nothing thing. We are in the midst of this acceleration towards that time right now. This is what is happening to your consciousness, this is why you are not satisfied in a lot of ways with your experience because you are suppose to be changing quicker and quicker and quicker and you see this happening around you, other people are going through it and we are all being challenge to evolve with this motion or get out of the way. And there is going to be plenty of people getting out of the way too. That’s partly what going on with the whole planet. I happen to be sitting just north of Vancouver in Canada where there is quite a bit of stuff going on. There’s been 3,000 earthquakes off the coast, recently and we must ride the flows.

RM: You might say we have to ride the shock waves.

IXL: Yes.

RM: Ian, these are very changing times, very exciting times. The economy is going to fail?

IXL: Well the economy has already failed. It’s complete fallacy. The only reason people continue to count money as they cannot confront the lie that they are telling one another and all the major economist around the world totally understand that we are 15 years past what should have been a complete collapse.

RM: We are on the brink of global bankruptcy.

IXL: No, we are not on the brink, no, no, no, we are way past.

RM: So we just don’t realize it?

IXL: That’s right, no one wants to. I mean the people who are absolutely in charge are the ones who instrumented it, they built the system so it would go bankrupt periodically and end in a diabolical failure, which then delivers everything that’s been loaned against into their hands. That’s what the contracts are all there for.

RM: Pretty cunning. Ian stand by as we need to take a break and when we return I have a question from Myrtle Beach, California. My name is Rob McConnell. Send an email to to ask questions. Ian Lungold is our guest on X-ZoneTalk Star Radio network. His website is Stayed tuned, we’ll be right back…………Welcome back to X-ZoneTalk Star Radio network. Ian Lungold is our special guest and if you’d like to talk with Ian call ……….or you can also send an email at Ian we have an email with a question from Myrtle Beach, California. It says, You are the best paranormal talk show, thanks so much, Ian, do you think the sacred Mayan Codex books were really burned by the Spanish church leaders or were they returned to the Vatican archives.

IXL: There are records of 450 volumes, two crates of codexes that were shipped to the Vatican.

RM: Wow.

IXL: No, not all of them were burned.

RM: Why would these be of such great interest to the Vatican?

IXL: Well, I’m not sure but the Vatican knew that knowledge was power and they were looking for all of it. So just on that it’s was worth getting. When Bishop Lander went back and bragged to the Pope about what he had done, as he was very proud of how he had massacred shaman and burned books, they threatened his life and told him you go back and get everything that you can salvage from that culture and you bring it back or you’re a dead man. Bishop Lander had to get his hienee back over to the new world and scrape up whatever you can find.

RM: What does that tell you of the Vatican when they actually condoned the massive killings of people who may have had a little bit of knowledge?

IXL: It was all commerce, and based on power. Power is based on secrets. What you know and nobody else knows gives you power. So that’s what they were after.

RM: I kinds also would like what you comments are about Mayan co-researchers Jose Arguilles and Terrance McKenna.

IXL: Terrance McKenna, I didn’t look into his material very much. I do understand we have some similar concepts about this especially the acceleration. I think he called it the novelty affect. But he knew there was an acceleration about consciousness. I do need to sit down and read him more thoroughly. Now, Jose Arguilles was a pioneer of the Mayan Calendar and opened it up the whole subject matter to the rest of the whole world. He came up with his own understanding and interpretation of the calendar at the time and there has been more evolution, more discovery, more understanding of what the calendar is about since then and augments what Jose brought forward. It doesn’t exclude anyone but adds to it.

RM: After the break for news a listener would like to know how you got so interested in the Mayan Calendar and what started you on this quest. Stayed tuned, we’ll be right back to X-Zone Talk Star We’ll be right back……Welcome back to X-Zone Talk Star with Ian Lungold. His website is . Before we went to break a listener wanted to know, Ian, how you got so interested in the Mayan Calendar and what started you on this quest.

IXL: OK. I was a jeweler and sculptor and I started to fashion the Mayan calendar with my hands into pieces of jewelry and I started looking up the meanings of those symbols as I started to get these ideas as I was making these pieces. I wanted to know if the thoughts that came, matched up with what the archeologist actually said. And I found out in many cases it actually did and that what I was getting was filling in more than what was in the books. I thought isn’t that interesting, so I kept on going and that’s when I started studying more about the Mayan calendar. I was the one that came up with the charts that do the conversion from the Gregorian Calendar to the Mayan Calendar. That’s where I sort of got introduce to everyone else who was doing the Mayan Calendar.

RM: Another listener would like to know if they could have the step by step mechanism of this consciousness thing you are talking about. And if this consciousness you are talking about is that powerful, can the consciousness stop what you are anticipating is going to happen on June 1st?

IXL: There is no way to stop it. There is only understanding, it so you don’t take it so hard. Life is going to change here on this planet and it’s changed many, many times before. In America and Canada with our way of life or standard of living is probably going to take some bruises, let’s put it that way.

RM: Where do you see the biggest bruises coming from?

IXL: From ah….when the trust evaporates on the money, because there is no value there, so when the trust evaporates, then what you see is an absolute runaway inflation then a complete total collapse where no amount of money will get you anything and no credit card will work. So you tell me what’s going to happen?

RM: Mass panic

IXL: That’s right and pretty much in the cities. I’ve been telling people about that for the last four years anyway. People don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear it myself. I don’t’ want to even say it but it’s my responsibility to report what I know. Not just what I feel and think it’s what I see in the pattern first of all and then I see it all over the internet from responsible international marketers and economists who are saying it’s over. The economies of the world cannot be sustained. If you don’t believe or understand that, then you deserve whatever befalls you on it. The warning signs are everywhere out there.

RM: The writing is on the walls.

IXL: It’s everywhere and if you don’t see it, aahh, I’m sorry I guess.

RM: So how are we going to recover from this?

IXL: I guess like Argentina did in the last three years. The people still farm and are happy. The Americans are going to take it hardest as we are spoiled.

RM: What is that going to do to the global status of the US.

IXL: It’s already happening. What happens when you fall down the stairs. You go all the way to the bottom.

RM: It’s not the fall that hurts you, it’s the sudden stop.

IXL: Yes

RM: Reality setting in.

IXL: It’s the sort of thing happening to America right now, we’ve fallen off the top stair.

RM: Will that make America vulnerable to her enemies?

IXL: Well, yeah. I’d say so. I’d say she has done that on purpose. That that’s the plan is to remember George Bush and company are fundamentalists. I grew up with the Southern Baptist I know what they believe from my perspective. My Mother would pray for Armageddon at the dinner table. Because that’s when Christians are raised up, that is when they are victorious over all the devils that are here on this planet. If you look carefully at all that the Bush’s have orchestrated it makes no sense until you realize he is willing to tear it down and cause people to rise up against each other in what could be called Armageddon. He’s building it as fast as he can and he’s doing a great job, all on the part of consciousness. We’ve got big, big changes everywhere happening around us.

RM: Strange times.

IXL: Really strange times. I would suggest for people to start getting a grip on some of these changes and why. First of all understand the situation you are in, in as much detail as possible. For me it seems to me that most people are interested in their time and their money and where those things seems to be going.

RM: OK stand by as we take a break. I am Rob McConnell of X-Zone Talk Star with Ian Lungold. His website is We will back…..We are back with Ian Lungold and Ian what can people do to prepare themselves for this massive economical failure that is already here, but we are apparently like a bunch of ostriches with our heads in the sand with our butts sticking out.

IXL: OK this is tough medicine.

RM: Tough love here we come

IXL: Tough love, tough medicine. Everybody out there you are already creating your own situation in your own life. You are the person who is most responsible for the condition you are in, and that goes for me too. I’m going through a whole bunch too. Each of us is ultimately responsible for how we are in the world. Cause no matter what happens in front of your face you had a choice of continuing or changes or do something else. And that is getting more and more crucial as you come to realize this truth. Cause it’s only after you have had that realization that you can start taking advantage of more and more or what is becoming possible. There are basically two different kinds of people who will go on from here. People who are creating their own experience or survival the way they want it or those who are victims. There are basically those two viewpoints.

RM: How can a victim, in this circumstance, be a survivor?

IXL: Well I don’t think so, and that’s the problem…and that’s the point of being a victim, not making it.

RM: I’m sorry I missed understood what you were saying.

IXL: From here on forward there will be two kinds of consciousness that go forward. There’s the victims who will go forward on to extinction. And then there are people who are confident that they are actually creating their own experience and so many of the things that are prophesized, that befall people, things that would victimize, doesn’t occur in their reality. They just don’t occur because there are many more types of possibilities realities now than there have been in the past. And every single way more is possible to occur than ever has been in the past. Each of us are all creating our own experiences. For instance, which movie do you want to go see this weekend. Well you’ve got 50 choices instead of like 25 years ago you had maybe 5 choices.

RM: And that was on a good weekend.

IXL: Yeah, so there’s more and more choices of what you personally are going to experience in every single way. The key to being able to actually make that choice comes down to your own personal integrity. If you are being in your own integrity than you are actually clear enough or open enough to reach out to new possibilities. If our integrity is out, then your too busy covering your own ass to reach out to new possibilities. It’s really that simple. So, people who have been for the most part, keeping it straight and living it right and feeling good about what they are doing they are now bless by consciousness itself, creation itself, with more possibilities and those people who have been cutting themselves off by cheating others are getting more and more desperate, if you haven’t already noticed, that’s what’s going on. So there’s this big division coming up.

RM: So it seems that the people who are really going to suffer are the people who are in the 9 to 5 work classes who are just basically robots. The banking industry is going to be non-existent. Major industry cannot exist without financial funding so that knock them out. Wouldn’t this be an ideal time for a global war?

IXL: Wouldn’t it be great for an Armageddon?

RM: Yeah

IXL: That’s exactly what is planned by Bush and company and all those guys. First of all, those plans don’t match up with the pattern shown by the Mayan Calendar of the ultimate idea of the evolution of consciousness . It doesn’t end here. It doesn’t end up with a totalitarian government controlling everything. It ends up with people of a higher consciousness enjoying and helping co- create reality which goes higher and higher. These antique or non-functioning consciousness or methodologies that the power mongers are using are slated to go extinct. Just like other failed systems.

RM: You are talking about a global cleansing?

IXL: Yes, that’s it.

RM: So we are burning the dead grass so the green grass beneath can live.

IXL: That’s right. And really we are going to find out that the power elite, all those doing the oppressing are less than one percent of the population and it doesn’t take much to do a lot of changing. You just have to be conscious of who those people are and where they are.

RM: And you have to accept the fact that the change is happening.

IXL: Right.

RM: We have to take our final break. Ian Lungold has been our special guest…..This is Rob McConnell of X-Zone Talk Star and I want to thank Ian Lungold for being with us tonight. Ian what can people do to get ready. Obviously putting away gold isn’t going to do anyone any good.

IXL: Not much. We are giving a warning sign.

RM: With the stock crash in the early 1900’s many people jumped and plummeted to their death. It’s boggling my mind to think what people will do when you are looking at accepting the fact that we are in a global economic ruin…we ruined it.

IXL: We didn’t ruin it…it was ruined under our feet. There’s a bibliography you can access. Go to click on articled then go to the category called Deeper truth’s files and right there near the top is pdf file which is called How I clobbered every Bureaucratic CASH confiscatory agency known to man by Mary Croft. Download that book and read that book and by the time you get half way through it, you’ll be very angry but you will understand what was done to your grandfather, your father and now to you and you’ll understand the actual methodology that was used by corporations and lending institutions to bind us into slavery. There is also a way to reverse it, it is primarily by activating your consciousness of this state in the first place then by rolling it backwards or playing it back. We don’t have enough time to go into this on the radio.

RM: No, we are out of time for tonight. Thanks very much for being on the show and we will have you again.

IXL: Thank you.

RM: That’s it for tonight’s show.

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Ian Xel Lungold
Whitehorse, Yukon
- June 22, 2004

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