The 3rd Night News - 10th Issue

November 21, 2004
3 - Star (Lamat)

The Manifestation of Polarized Consciousness
That Crazy, Cute American Electoral Coupe: Too Cute to Recount

Well, here we are, at “civil” war in the Third Night of the Mayan calendar, which lasts from 1/5/99 to 10/28/2011.

The nation (indeed, the world) is more greatly separated ideologically than at any time in recent memory. The last time we were in this cycle of consciousness was 1853 – 1873. Then, the industrialized north wanted tariffs on agricultural goods sold to Europe by the southern states. Economic concerns combined with the new consciousness that owning persons as slaves was immoral and no longer tolerable produced the U.S. civil war.

This time, (12/9/2003 - 12/05/2004) the “Have Mores,” who used their power to build and institutionalize corruption within government and financial systems world-wide, are lined up against the “Haves” (or “Used to Haves”) and the “Have Nots.” This power differential (evolved and developed over the last 5000 years) is the basic mechanism behind the separation between national, cultural and ethnic groups. Creation’s evolution now introduces the new consciousness of ethics, forcing the disclosure of misdeeds, and we have the set-up for another “civil” war. This is to free us—corporate slaves to debt and censorship that we are.

This “civil” war has been raging in a new kind of battlefield, the courts and the mass media (including the Internet). The people demanding integrity and those morally thumbing their noses at ethical concerns are marshaling their armies of lawyers, goons and volunteers to do civil battle for all to witness, in ever mounting detail. The weapons are sound bites, whistle blowers, exposures, criminal charges and published investigations. The moguls owning the media are the “Have Mores,” of course, and are very glad to rent the battlefield by the second and the minute. Who pays this rent? You do, with higher prices for almost everything to cover marketing and advertising costs.

As the economy becomes unraveled by increasing interest rates in early 2005
see “U.S. Economic Collapse Looms 2005,” , large-scale demonstrations will flare up, and we will have to wait to see what happens at those events. I suspect, though, that any dissent will be demonized and crushed as completely as possible by the power elite, leading to serious complications across the nation and the world.

Yes, consciousness is divided across the planet in many ways. All of this is being orchestrated for the greatest marketability to a perpetually panicked public, by the way. The media owners are running this circus for the most part, and they are literally making a killing, many killing$.

The most basic reason for this situation is found within the Mayan calendar. As Carl J. Calleman explains in his books, The Mayan Calendar and The Transformation of Consciousness and Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar, and as I have explained many times in numerous articles, the Galactic Cycle of Consciousness (January 5th 1999 to Oct 28th, 2011) is one of duality. Its purpose is to separate consciousness into two opposite poles, or points of view. In my previous articles, I have offered those points of view as a “Creator” point of view and a “Victim” point of view. Dr Calleman uses Eastern consciousness and Western consciousness to differentiate the two, and there is a very sound historical basis for his thesis.

In any case, all that we experience in the outside world from here on in will be on the basis of these disparate points of view, to an ever increasing degree as we go forward.

For example; there will the “Creators” of “Homeland Security” at the expense of many “Victims.” (Please understand that, in fact, there are only Creators in this Universe.

It’s just that some people are creating themselves as victims for their own reasons.)

This polarity, literally, is what creation and the evolution of consciousness is calling for right now. Controversy is going to be everywhere you turn because that’s what consciousness is about during the whole 12.8 year running of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle.

In fact, if you want to be heard or paid attention to, you had better cause or be part of a controversy. Controversy is all consciousness will be tuned into in general, world-wide.

Now, not getting caught up in the various controversies is going to be a good trick. Yep, pretty tricky I must say. I myself have caused a bit of a ruffle recently within the Mayan calendar community. Because of my intuition, my impulsive nature, or my hot-headed hand at the keyboard—whichever you wish—I have joined in the flow of controversy re: the Dreamspell calendar and the True Count Mayan calendar. Trying to understand the flawed Dreamspell system leads to having to follow the Dr. Jose Arguelles teachings and to a dead end of believing his teachings just and only because he wrote them. There are no ways to objectively measure the Dreamspell calendar or its effects. There are only subjective observations or in other words, beliefs about the Dreamspell system. Leaving a person who has been drawn intuitively to study the Mayan calendar through the Dreamspell either a now blinded believer or a confused outcast, unable to resonate with the ”Galactic rhythms”. Either way, a Dreamspell student becomes a victim of the system’s ineffectiveness. On the other hand, understanding the true Mayan calendar and investigating the scheduled evolution of consciousness next to scientific record leads a person to a “Creative” point of view rather than that of a “Victim.”

As these points of view are the dividing line between the evolution and or the extinction of beings during this cycle of creation, I consider the Mayan calendar information a top priority. In other words, it’s worth taking risks—personal risks, financial risks, whatever risks I have to take to get as much exposure as possible for this subject.

The intuition I received is to flow with Creation’s intent and directly draw attention to the differences between the calendars—to purposely cause controversy and attract more attention to the message of the Mayan calendar at this time. Especially, when controversy is what is being prophesied by the Mayan calendar for this period. This is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, I guess, but I am going to try it out any way.

You’ve heard the expression, “any publicity is good publicity?” I’m putting that phrase into action by introducing contention, simply by expressing the truth in the face of certain pockets of denial. That will do it every time, in a big, quick way. We’ll see how much mileage we get out of it, and I’ll keep you loosely posted.

Anyway, on to the world during this time.

The Third Night is a time when broken things are thrown away by consciousness.

Watch as the U.S. Constitution is thrown away on one hand (it has been broken by the current administrations draconian Patriot Acts 1&2 passed without congress even reading them after 9/11 as part of the tools for fighting terrorism) and as the trust in government, security, economics and finance turn to vapor on the other. (Certainly all busted systems.) We will witness the desperate alignment with power by certain people (goons) and the expression of integrity and ethics by another percentage of humanity that will continue to evolve. This split of consciousness will become extremely evident in every respect.

The negative effects of this tension will be most serious in dense population centers, where most of the “victims” live. People with Creator points of view are usually making their own way somewhere more remote and less congested, or they have fairly immediate access to remote places. This situation is something they actually created individually, rather than just sitting around in their particular difficulty and complaining about why something seems not to be possible (Victim mentality). Yes Virginia, we create our own reality and circumstances by our choices.

Now I know that this is the toughest part of what we are about to learn.

I myself turn from this truth often enough. From the time, place and conditions of our birth and forward each of us has created either barriers to climb, or holes to climb back out of, or marble stairways to ascend in our lives. As uncomfortable as that truth is we need all completely face it now. We are going to witness as the general public becomes more outraged and desperate to be right or to be “righteous.” Watch the judgment levels in our society go right off the charts as never before. The actual polls right after the election shows that the American public is divided 56% to 44% between being encouraged by the results or afraid of four more years of Bush. The Religious Right carried the day for the President, evidently. We are going to witness the uncovering of deeper layers of rot in our political establishment leaked and smeared in the media for best emotional effect as power devours power, in a seductive campaign to enlist your passion as a caring human being or as personal direct beneficiaries of raw lust for power and control. We will witness Christian fundamentalists attack and tear at anything not within their very strict moral code, as they themselves become disclosed in their beliefs of fear, greed and the frauds perpetrated as self serving Ends justifying the Means.

Remember, this is all unfolding as the basic nature of this cycle’s consciousness which is to separate as widely as possible differing view points. Mine and your whole point here should be to stay out of judgment. (Good luck)

If you stand for anything (even the truth) you are going to be judged by many on all sides. Yep, it is Judgment Day right here and now.

"Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

(MATTHEW 7:1-5)

Have I made judgments on others? Yes. Have I judged myself?

Yes, both positively and negatively. Have you done the same? This is the test for us to pass and we have something like five more years of workin it to pass that test. The object is to catch ourselves in judgment and to curtail those actions so that we may allow all of the changes and adjustments in consciousness to unfold unimpeded within ourselves. Stepping outside of judgment is how we stay immune from whatever controversy presents its self. Understanding that this is a process of the evolution of consciousness can help us to walk away from judgment.

So what’s next? The Fourth Day of the Mayan calendar starts on Dec. 4th, 2004 and runs until Nov. 28th, 2005. During this cycle, the incoming consciousness—in this case ethics—becomes the dominant consciousness and lays the foundations for a new understanding which will continue through the remainder of the cycle. This particular cycle will be a time of rapid change and adaptation to these new insights. This will not be a peaceful time. For example, on the Second and Third “Days” (2001 and 2003) of this Galactic Cycle, wars have started. The year 2005 is going to bring many conflicts between the differing viewpoints over the control of natural resources, until earth changes end the conflicts—horrible weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and resulting tsunamis. These earth changes will be the result of our direct electromagnetic connection with the Sun, who responds to our collective mental/emotional (electromagnetic) chaos. Father Sun will keep putting more electromagnetic pressure by way of sunspots and CMEs

(Coronal Mass Ejections) on to Mother Earth until she shuts those kids (us) up!

Mother Earth will do so. So did your mom. So did mine. These events are, over all, a very good thing.

Only a humbled humanity can actually make the changes necessary for the continuation of our evolutionary journey.

Looking at the previous patterns of the schedule of evolution, 06/01/05, the High Noon of the Fourth “Day” will be when the tide finally turns on all of this. Of course, we will have to see how this turns out, but we sure don’t have long to wait.

Well, that’s the way I see what’s going on and what’s soon to come. Please use your own discernment on these musings and educate yourself on the issues as deeply as you can to better establish your own viewpoint. I suggest that you each read Dr. Carl J. Calleman’s books and the various articles on unfolding world events posted at to broaden your knowledge in all of these matters.

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold

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