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9th Issue

October 11, 2004
1 - Deer

I know that all of you have been going through many changes, the same as I have. Everyone I meet is going through many changes in consciousness, whether precipitated by new information coming to light in their lives or by circumstantial changes they perceive as being out of their control. I am not going to bore you with the details of my own travails and victories while on the road. Let’s just say that it has been more personally rewarding than anything I have ever done. It ain’t been easy, but it sure has been worth the effort.

Somehow, a successful, growing road trip is being created, with many people willing to step in and help, abundant opportunities appearing out of the blue without piles of money being received or spent.

Outright magic has occurred many times while we have been doing this work; I have become suspicious that maybe we may be doing something right here. So I have been paying attention, and I’ve noticed some things.

There have been so many new openings in the understanding of the nature of our current reality that I have actually started giving a whole new talk called “The Evolution Continues.” I am going to attempt to put this concept across in this issue.

So here we go.

I guess I have coined a new word. Majix.

Magic is the inexplicable manifestation of an intention.

Majix is the understood relationship between Attention, Intention, Integrity and Intuition that manifests whatever will forward the evolution of consciousness in oneself and for others, with or without any linear or logical progression.

These four pillars, Attention, Intention, Integrity and Intuition are the foundations of walking Majix in your life; they are the tools that Matty and I have been using on this adventure.


In the first place, a person must “show up” in the moment in order for Majix to happen. You must be paying attention to be conscious of the elements of creation that exist in your present moment. It is with all that is actually available in the present that you will be manifesting your future. Paying attention is not that easy to do all the time.

Sometimes it takes great courage to continue to pay attention when something looks threatening or approaches a level of pain at which you are extremely uncomfortable.

Sometimes it takes great courage to face the overwhelming admiration that you are receiving, or the overwhelming respect and love you are feeling for another.

It can be just as uncomfortable to turn away from bliss as from pain. The point is that when overwhelmed, a person stops paying attention to the moment; he or she becomes unable to intend anything clearly.

Your future at that moment becomes a muddle of cause and effect, with you at the effect end of what ever causes were running in your life when you stopped paying attention rather than continuing to consciously create your next moment.


Intention is the exercise of your will projected into physical creation. It is the focus of your attention’s (or consciousness’s) projection of what is conceived as possible into your reality.

The position of your viewpoint is established by paying Attention to the time and place in which you exist. This activity sets up a base from which to project an intention into creation. The more fully established in the present your viewpoint is, the more effectively the intention can be projected.


Integrity is the key to walking Majix into your next moment. Integrity is wholeness. In order to be fully present in the moment, in other words, to be effectively paying attention to what is in the moment, your integrity must be intact. If your personal integrity is out of whack, then to whatever degree it is corrupted, your mind will step in with all the reasons you are not in your integrity. Now you are paying attention to the reasons (excuses) and not the present moment.

Yes, this does include all the reasons you go to a job you dislike every morning, all the reasons you continue to remain in a dead or dysfunctional relationship.

All your experience is the whole(ness) of your existence, whether painful or blissful. Any attempt to deny any part of that experience by not paying attention puts you, to a degree, out of integrity. The more you are willing to accept your experience for what it is (just that, an experience) without judging it, the more it is possible to stay paying attention to the moment in every circumstance.

Standing in integrity and paying attention to the moment with an intention becomes your power, because this is how you hold open the gateway to your intuition.


Your intuition is the source of all your knowing. It is the Ah Ha! center of your consciousness.

All that can be known enters your consciousness by way of your intuition, and, as it does, it makes sense to your mind (if you let it) and then infiltrates your thinking patterns. I have watched this happen in myself many times.

Your intuition is the staging platform for your future.

We generally conceive of an intuition as a hunch that seems to let us know what is going to occur in the future. What if the actual situation is this: in your intuition, that is, while paying attention and centered in the present moment, you are actually creating your future? That would handily explain why you were more or less right about what was going to happen wouldn’t it?

Are we creators or not? When are we best able to effectively create in tune with the rest of creation? When we are in our intuition, that’s when.

As we move forward into more rapid and extreme change, more people are going to be asking what in the *%#*^% is going on and how do I survive it?

The answer, no matter what your situation, is to create your own reality and thus increase the possibility of survival through your intuition.

These lessons will be taught by the many natural and civic disasters that are now beginning to take place in America and across Europe.

Notice how many people survive the devastation of whole towns? Ever listen to the stories of how these people made it through naturally occurring violent circumstances? How about combat experience?

By way of their Intuition, my friends, that’s how. They just knew what to do in those moments. Thinking was put off for a little while. These people were busy surviving. The mind does move back in later with judgments (that was close; I nearly bought the farm) and a registering of the loss of physical possessions, but intuition is what got them through the worst of the situation. So the lessons shall be sown and shown.

No one can do this evolution for you and you cannot do this for anyone else. Not for your wife/husband or girl- boyfriend, not for your six-month-old baby, not for your grandfather or your mother. We are all in this together, but each of us is responsible for our own consciousness. There are no victims in creation. There are only creators in creation, some of whom make themselves into victims for their own reasons. The main reason is that they consider themselves locked out of their integrity. Yes, there are a whole lot of those people in this world.

Anyone, at any time, can come up to full integrity by forgiving themselves. The most direct way to do this is by climbing into the present moment and holding on to it with all your might. There is no past in the present moment so there is nothing to forgive. All that there is in the present moment is the potential for new creation, and that in itself is integrity clean and clear. Not to say that this is the simplest method, just the most direct. The mind will do its utmost to drag you into the past or spit you into a future loaded with threats if you let it. This method may be simple but it’s not easy.

Another, not quite so direct, method is to consider that all of your experiences are just that, experiences. Whatever has happened to you, whatever you think you have been involved in was only something you witnessed. Anything that you can witness is manifestly not you, is it? So start asking this question. “What am I not?” Next time you get worried or angry try to remember to ask yourself “what am I not?” and watch what happens to your emotional state.


Are you this or that situation? Emotion? Are you this or that thwarted goal? Are you the opinion of others? “What are you not?” You are not any thing. You are no-thing. You are a witness of things and there is no blame, shame or regret associated with being a witness. This includes all the dubious decisions you created throughout all your lifetimes. You are not, and have never been, any of those decisions or actions. This is the abolition or balancing of Karma, and it is scheduled for right now, world-wide. Either you pay for the baggage (karma) with your suffering, created by you and only you, or you drop the baggage.

Are you ready to drop the baggage?

Attention, Intention, Integrity and Intuition.


Of course this is a choice, to start. It is a choice to do something on purpose that will change the very course of your life and your very consciousness. This choice is being presented to you at this time because this choice is now available more widely than ever before.

In the past, only so much choice was available in any moment of time. And even now we may regard most of the increase in choice as having to do with physical options because our consciousness is directed towards the physical; the center of our civilization’s consciousness, the Gregorian calendar, is based solely on the physical (our solar orbit). The fact is that more choices now exist in every facet of life, including your emotional state and ultimately your consciousness, not just in the more concrete spheres.

Here is an exercise that you can test on yourself.

Next time you are bummed out, CHOOSE to be bummed out and see how long and how bad you can make it last. Why do this crazy thing?

Because more choice is available in creation; the choice to be bummed is more available than it has ever been before. By making that choice you will find yourself in a higher emotional state automatically. (Antagonism or boredom, for instance.)

The mechanics work something like this: you are not anything you can witness. When you witness yourself in an emotion you cannot be that emotion or in that emotion. Just by intending to be bummed, you are now at cause to a greater degree and can witness the emotion for what it is. An experience.

Doing this on purpose takes a little practice. But actually you have been doing this in every situation all your life. You just weren’t aware you were choosing to do it. Here it is fully acknowledged that during difficult circumstances these choices will be difficult. The point is with choice being more available in general you have more opportunity to make those sorts of choice than any human that has ever existed before.

The benefit of having made the choice to experience the event that you are having means that you are now able to pay attention to the moment as a witness. As explained above this is the opening stage for working Majix in your life. Of course there have been bad times in your life. And because you are able to read these lines you obviously survived those particular bad times. The way that you survived and or overcame those bad times was by eventually paying more attention to your current environment than having most of your attention stuck on that “bad’ moment. This may have taken a great deal of time. In some cases years of time. None of us need to spend that degree of time coming to this very natural solution. By choosing to be where you are and to be going through what ever you are, you become at cause over the whole situation. It becomes as though you are just witnessing the event rather than swept up in it.

A recent example is that while in Calgary recently I had $3,500 stolen from me out of my car. Oh you bet I was upset!

For at least twenty minutes I fumed at myself for being so inattentive about the money and not locking the car even though it was in the driveway. Then, with actually not all that much difficulty, I started looking at all of the choices I had made that led to this end result. From there I decided to go ahead and choose the loss and the upset. It was just another choice. I had made all the choices up this moment didn’t I? Then what right did I have not to choose the result? Right then, the whole upset was basically over. Once I had chosen to be upset at myself the whole thing was nearly ridiculous. Yes, there were vacillations or after shocks that were for the most part, interesting, as the mind tried to drag me off into the past. I just chose those thoughts too and the mind just went away. These things that I write are not just to be read but to be tested and investigated. Many things that we once thought impossible are now all around us.

It is now time to be aware of the fact you can/are choosing an emotion or an experience, and use this consciousness to get on with your evolution. Test it to trust it. Test this new possibility for yourself.

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold

P.S.—Please let us here at know if there has been some noticeable shift in your consciousness since coming into contact with this body of information by sending an email to Some of the responses will be posted—with your initials attached—at the web site.

Ian Xel Lungold
Ian Xel Lungold at the Mayan Calendar stone in Coba, Mexico

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