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8th Issue

August 02, 2004
9 - Earth

So what’s up? Que passe?

Ian Xel Lungold has disappeared? He got a motor home, escaped the city and vanished into the mountains? Did Ian Xel Lungold leave you readers and subscribers high and dry?

For you it has been a missing: for me it was a momentous time of change and evolution of Consciousness. It is now my great pleasure to offer, for your consideration and for your personal testing, these newest revelations.

This has truly been a test and a manifestation of Third Night energies. For the last sixty days I have ridden the whirlwind, with no tether to any physical point or substance, my consciousness bound to deliver this information to as many people in person as possible. In total trust, Matty and I stepped out onto the road, and with the support of Consciousness—the Universe endlessly providing—we overcame one damn thing after another. The details are in Matty’s (now posted) daily chronicles of the adventure. You can read those at your leisure.

What I want to discuss is what has unfolded over the last two months: the solutions that “majix-ally” appeared before us.

To Matty, myself and most of the people that we came in contact with during this time, we proved that we actually are choosing the reality that best suits our collective growth and the forwarding of this evolutionary Mayan calendar information. We are manifesting that reality and living it daily, hourly and by the minute. This whole test was undertaken to show that everyone, not just me and Matty, has the same opportunity to go ahead right now and create the life that you really want.

There is nothing special about us other than we trusted enough to dive into the river and found ourselves floating right down the middle of it.

Many others have done the same, at least for a while, and they lived to tell their tales.

Please note: This is no boast, but a celebration of the fact that it was/is being done on purpose just to prove that it can be done.

Every excuse running through your consciousness trying to convince you why it is not possible to have your life just the way you want it has just one source: your Mind.

In the tapes, and in the live lectures I have given, I have discussed Mind, explaining that this creature is not really the faithful, supportive friend that it tries to make you believe it is. Mind is a self-survival mechanism that would rather be right even if it means you must die. The only cause of suicide is someone’s Mind coming up with more reasons to die (cover up bad decisions) than to let him or her live—and be a continual reminder that the Mind was wrong or not in control?

The exact same is true of murder, no matter what the scale of the horror. All the “logical” reasons for criminal acts are generated not just by the Minds of maniacs or corrupt leaders, but by all the followers, supporters and “fighters for” the agreed-upon “logic.”

All analytically aligned and agreed to by the Mind.

The same generator of the reasons for all secrets is the same entity that tells you that you are fated to live out a certain destiny because of your past agreements, all stored neatly in order of time, place and importance in your Mind.

(Deep male voice: “And that’s the way it is, was and ever shall be.”)

Most of us are towing heavy mounds of baggage everywhere we go: this heap is called the Mind.

There is no Mind in the present moment.

This is the GREATEST secret.

(Did you notice your lightness of being when you were just there in the moment?)

The Mind exists only in the past or the future. No Mind exists in the infinite, present moment.

The GREATEST secret.

All control of your attention, or blocks to your personal potential caused by memories, denials or agreements exist only in the past or the future; in other words, in your Mind. In the present there is no Mind, only Consciousness. And so there are literally no limits to your abilities in the absolute present.

As Jerry Seinfeld would say: “Good luck with all that” as far as staying in the absolute present for more than a few minutes. Most people find it virtually impossible to live in the moment for any length of time. For those brave souls who have quested those experiences, usually at some great expense—travel, time, money and/or traditional ritual to create those moments of what we call “altered states”—here is a raised glass, a toast in gratitude for your contributions.

These days and into our future, owing to the continued acceleration of Creation, general access to the present moment is bigger than it ever has been. This is allowing each of us a straighter shot at manifesting our desired realities. Based on Matty’s and my recent experiences, it is fairly evident that human beings are capable of directly manifesting (fluid) solutions that are ethical—everyone succeeds in the present as well as into the created future.

I believe this is partially a phenomenon of our consciousness of smaller and smaller divisions of time. The smaller the portion of time conceived, the closer to the concept of static or stasis a consciousness has traveled.

Here’s a definition from The American Heritage Dictionary: Static/Stasis “1.A condition of balance among various forces; motionlessness”.)

We are, as a civilization, now aware of billionths of seconds, called nano seconds, and science is still busy trying to break time down into even smaller segments. A Static or Stasis is the source of truth. The whole concept of truth is based upon the presentation of stable and unchangeable fact.

Now we know that our human consciousness is on a collision course with that most basic truth.

It is from the potential of stasis that all creation or motion comes. To create from stasis, and then to remain static and not be carried away by what you have just created (which is now moving away) is the real trick. If you follow your creation or in the slightest way get involved, you are no longer static and therefore not in a position to create again. You are in the position of a pilot on a glide path of events that originate from whatever it was you created. From here on, “shit happens,” and you just hope you’ll be able to walk away from the landing. (Funny how you usually do just walk away from those landings.)

Consciousness is closing in on the “infinite moment of now” in physical speed only because our collective consciousness is opening to the truth that we are each the generators of experience, each of us spiritual/multi-dimensional points of static interacting in physical creation as individual points of view. As we will discuss later, these points of view are also broadcast points of physical experience.

Matty and I found ourselves in that pilot/co-pilot position I talked about, so many times on this trip, in such rapid succession, that the pattern could not be missed. Each time we simply climbed back into the very moment and created a new solution that launched another stage of unfoldment. Exactly what we wanted and or needed to keep us fed, safe, and delivering these talks has been showing up with wonderful regularity.

From having two blown motors (“and now one blown tire”), being broken down on the side of the road on eight occasions, with very little or no money in the bank to do any repairs (did many of them myself) to living in a garden setting near a lake with no bills and a fully scheduled week in Vancouver delivering the Mayan calendar information to larger audiences than I have ever attracted before is some kinda story, and it should be read.

Bottom line is, we are obviously doing something right here and we have a good idea what it is we are doing and why it is working. Part of keeping it working is sharing the information as much as we possibly can. And so here I am giving it a go, still breathing hard but really glad to be sitting down right here for a moment.

Simply put, more is now possible than ever before. That everything is more possible also means the future is more flexible. These possibilities fully include your desires: what you actually want to happen in your life is more likely to happen now. Think of a river or stream crossing. If there are few stones above the water (available opportunities or choices), then the crossing may be somewhat difficult or even a little wet. If, on the other hand, there are many stones exposed in the stream, lying there dry in the sun, you can quite easily cross. This many stepping stone reality is what we are working with now, so it is much easier to get to where you want to go in your life.

Of course, you will have to create some room in your life where your desires can manifest. You know if you want to put a new couch and chair in your living room you have to get rid of the old ones, don’t you? Well, each one of us is about to receive a whole house full of new furniture tailor-made to our specific preferences. More is possible than ever before.

Both of what we think of as “good” or “bad” is more possible, although from the perspective of Creation there is no such judgment, no right or wrong, light or dark. This means that if someone(s) wants to create havoc and destruction it is much more possible to do so, faster and with more effect than ever before, and it is much more possible for the destructive events to take place. On the other hand, if a person(s) wants to have a peaceful evolution of consciousness without chaos and destruction as part of their personal reality, this too is much more possible as Creation accelerates.

Without judgment on the merits of what is wanted.

Some people seem to have a pretty clear idea of what they want and why. I am sure you’ve noticed that a string of events seems to be drawing these people directly to their goals.

Many others are not so sure what they want or why and so they get tangled in strings of many different intentions.

Even more people think they could never get what they want and wouldn’t want to know why.

Even more folks believe that even to consider the concept of creating their own reality is blasphemy—such is their concept of God or “Higher Powers.”

I still see some of myself in each of those categories to one degree or another. We should all understand that this is an evolutionary process, so even if it is accelerated, it must still develop naturally through all the prescribed stages.

These levels or limits of consciousness, self-imposed through the Mind’s embrace of Cultural Morals, National Pride and Power’s Greed, are a very effective sieve for Consciousness to flow through on its way to refining our evolution.

Self-Set Limits are the true sieve or scythe (that which cuts low) in this evolution. If you are eventually eliminated from this evolutionary adventure it will be because of limits self set.

In order to have development, you must have nourishment of some sort. What is it that nourishes evolutionary development during the Galactic Consciousness cycle? What is it that gives the “go” signal to a being’s, or a planet’s, or a sun’s evolutionary progress in this Ethically based migration of consciousness?

Integrity is that nourishment.

Integrity is that “go” signal, unleashing ethical actions and solutions.

Integrity is aligning your thoughts and actions to your most enduring truths. Example “Light & Love”

A person living in his or her integrity is open to receive rather than ready to defend.

Personal integrity and courage, ethical action and, especially, taking ethical risks are your keys.

By taking Ethical risks we naturally increase all of our abilities. Raise the ante and raise your life.

Following your own heart’s path is the only route from here to where you want to go.

Let’s get started shall we?

The following is an article I wrote some time ago, and it seems to be getting more and more important to acknowledge the existence of this possible world-view. If you read this before read the article again and see if your viewpoint has shifted recently.

Thanks, Ian Xel Lungold

The Game of Lack and Loss

I am re-writing this article and sending it out updated because this point of view seems to be working very well in the real world.

Not just as a philosophy but as practice.

There are in my opinion, trillions of individual points of consciousness in the universes or multi dimensions. Those that do not have limitations of time and space held as a core consideration can pop in and out of any dimension at will. There are only two things that these beings cannot have.

Those are: LACK & LOSS.

Only while physical and constrained by considerations of duality can you suffer or exalt in the conquest of dreams. Only while physical, is there anything to overcome or to succumb to. This is Drama, this is Emotion, this is Physical Sensation whether pleasure or pain.

You can only get it HERE. This is why we are so dearly loved by other beings not incarnated.

We are the show.

Mostly we go about our lives totally involved with the game, handling events and circumstances as deftly as we know how. Very similar to a sports star out on the field with 100,000 fellow beings in the stands cheering and a million more tuned in by TV broadcast. He's just playing the game as best he can.

It is my belief and with some personal experience confirmed at least for myself, that most of spirit/consciousness is able to “tune-in” to anyone's "personal broadcast" of experience. Each of us has a very distinct vibratory frequency by which we interact with the universe and along this frequency we co-create the whole.

We broadcast this frequency into the universe just like any TV or radio. The reason that the Nielson Ratings and Television as well as movies are such a huge success with the human race is that it is a direct lower harmonic of what is really going on in the universe. There are trillions of spirits out there tuning in to 3D land to watch and virtually experience what it is like to be at risk of loss. What is it that makes any movie or real life situation exciting? The real or perceived chance of loss would be that reason. Isn’t this what we go to see in the theaters or on TV? The risk of life and limb or heart or status in the world are the main plot line of every story we like to listen to. The axiom “As Above, so Below” means “So Below, will be Above as well” this means those in higher consciousness are paying attention to the same kinds of things for the same basic reasons as we are. For entertainment value it's Risk baby.

So with 6 billion+ broadcasts of viewpoints from just this planet there is to say the least, a wide selection to channel surf through. And you thought 500 choices on cable were too much? Anyway with that many choices who gets watched and who is basically ignored? Some shows make it through a season some don't.
Those broadcasts with the most Risk tend to be watched the most. Check out the survivor and reality shows that took over TV.

Without judgment of right or wrong, good or evil, these un-incarnated beings “tune-in” or watch only for the content and richness of sensation/emotion in the experience. Remember no judgment. Please get this, "There is only Creation from their points of view, all good and all supposed bad, are part of the creation and that is it."

So the broadcasts that draw a bigger audience get better "Sponsorship" by that I mean the more collective consciousness that is directed toward your life's broadcast the more assistance will come from spirit. With better spiritual sponsorship you get better "Production." That is a better quality of life and a flow of beneficial circumstances. (This part is my own experience) By putting things at Risk, you draw attention from beings that cannot personally experience Loss. Every single famous person got famous the same way. By taking risks that others shied away from.

Every wonderful opportunity in your life was at first a risk to be taken or not.

Hey! It's workin for President Bush! What you thought that this was only for the "GOOD GUYS"? I told you, No judgment "Up There" This is how all the "Bad Guys" got such a jump on everyone else. They were the ones taking the biggest risks weren't they? Like this guy Hitler says, "All of you follow ME! and by the way give ME all those countries and the people to do with what I want!"

Don't you suppose there was some personal risk at stake here? Wouldn't you be a little concerned that someone might get upset at your plans and actions and come to beat you senseless? Somehow he jumped past those reservations and took the risks.

Remember No judgment. This is exciting stuff and gets lots of attention!
Bonnie & Clyde, Jessie James, and many other famous thieves and warriors have had tremendous successes. Even Rock & Movie Stars have put themselves at risk of more loss than most of us. The bigger the risks taken it seems, the higher the level of spiritual attention and so, physical support resulting in a better life style. Sounds cool.

But what is it that makes a show go off the air after being popular for a while?

It becomes predictable or starts playing "Over the Top". Ratings fall even with bigger Risks taken because they are now, predictable. With slumping Consciousness ratings the "Sponsorship" dries up and "Production" goes to Poop! Bad things happen, (like getting caught and stuff) sickness or death moves in and show is over.

So how do you keep the ratings up and growing? By taking ETHICAL risks and doing it often. Ethical risks form no preset pattern, as they are spontaneous solutions. Moral actions are "blanket solutions" imposed onto spontaneous situations.

Every time we go ahead and follow our hearts and do the right thing in spite of perceived risk of loss we turn up the volume "Up There" and draw more of a crowd and more support.  When you allow yourself to follow an intuition even as simple as entering a new store just to see what you will, starting up a conversation with a stranger or taking a different turn on the way home are ethical risks.

This is what I have personally done and have seen the direct benefits. I have by choice raised the ante. I have put myself, and what I know that I can demonstrate, out in front of thousands of people.

I have traveled with little but a purpose, to foreign countries to speak to and with people that I did not know. I have put personal needs and comforts at a lower level of priority so as to allow for such levels of elevated risk. I have found that I automatically went into a new level of "Production" in my life. Not so much in the quality of my life personally (although that too) but more in the amount of wonderful openings to bring this information forward. The level of acceptance of this information has quadrupled in the past year.

And because this is an update of my article written over 2 years ago, I can add that this approach to life has now improved the quality of my existence to a greater degree than I would have imagined.

I am now able to do exactly what I want to do and to support not only myself and the methods to deliver this information but others in the endeavor as well. The most recent purposeful test of this theory that was started 70 days ago (May,04) from Sedona AZ is proving to be a great success.

One can create his/her own reality and have it be sweet as well as challenging for spice.

I am most certainly doing it and as publicly and deliberately as possible.

As you are sitting there reading this turn your attention to the beings tuned into your personal broadcast and wave your acknowledgement of their support and admiration.

Take a bow to the Angels, give a wink, then go look for the next Ethical risk you can perform.

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold

P.S.—Please let us here at know if there has been some noticeable shift in your consciousness since coming into contact with this body of information by sending an email to Some of the responses will be posted—with your initials attached—at the web site.

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