Mayan Majix - The 3rd Night News

7th Issue

June 6, 2004
4 Sun

The real question of those reading these 3rd Night News letters is not how to survive the coming changes to our lives but how to Thrive through these changes.

For those of us who can conceive of our current society collapsing into a pile of rubble the situation we face is not so dire as those who cannot conceive of this happening. What can be perceived is able to be dealt with. Being blind sided by all that you have worked, hoped and wished for vaporizing within a few weeks time could be so traumatic that survival is not desired.

Currently on Earth, most people have been convinced that they are the effect of creation by religions and government. They are firm in their belief that their circumstances whether good or very poor are created by powers far above and beyond their own reach. In the evolution of consciousness we discuss at the above point of view is simple, it is scheduled for extinction.

As we have disclosed in historical record, a pattern of creation and destruction over the last 16.4 billion years, has fine tuned the Galaxies, our Sun, our Planet, our Physical Form and now, our current state of Consciousness.

Each time Light or Creation occurred, some part of consciousness was altered. Each time Darkness or Destruction occurred, some part of consciousness was altered.

Creation has manifested these things into physical in this order, Thought, Particles, Solids, Life and Life forms.

Through ourselves (us being one of those life forms) Creation has brought in, Purpose, Ability, Life, Thought, and Imagination.

It is through imagination that Creation through “Creativity” multiplies itself. This ability was bestowed on Homo Sapiens in the 5th Day of the Tribal cycle of the Mayan calendar - for more details see This ability was shown for the first time 45,000 years ago by the creation of art which at that time was shamanism, used as a tool to magically influence the future. During the 5th Night of that same cycle, some 32,000 years ago, Neanderthal went extinct for the lack of their ability to imagine a future. So they had none. A future is created only with imagination. As we have come forward in our development we went through a stage where we believe the world to be flat like a Frisby with nasty monsters waiting to devour hopeless sailors just off the edge. This turned out to be very false, look at the imagination that built that idea would you?

This is the evolution of consciousness on the march and it is only marching faster today. Instead of each “Day” or “Night” taking 7,900 years as in the Neanderthal’s time, each “Day” or “Night” has accelerated to happening in only 360 days. Now take a step back, look at that idea. We are talking about some kind of imagination just to be able to get that concept!

Some people can and some just cannot imagine this to be true.

I dare to say that most of you know at least a few people that would not be interested in these kinds of discussions.

Can you see the implications of the ability of imagination? Most of you were made afraid of your imagination while very young. This was done on purpose by religions, governments and financial institutions. Your parents, relatives, friends, teachers and personal bankers who worked so hard to stifle your imagination were just infected with the fear earlier than you were and should not be leaned on too heavily as the bad guys here. In general, imagination was taught as something unreal that will drag you away into deep dark scary places that could put an eye out or some such nasty experience. Day Dreaming would get you a stand in the hall, that’s what I experienced when I went to school. Imagination was explained as the province of artists, writers, actors, inventors and slick politicians or criminals. We were all warned about becoming involved with any of those occupations weren’t we?

Can you fathom where your imagination comes from? If you believe as we were taught in school that imagination comes from your mind then you are at a great disadvantage.

Imagination is a direct feed of possibilities from spirit to your mind. Just as your mind feeds the body thoughts of what the body should do, so your own spiritual self, feeds your mind what may become. You do not take all of the actions that the mind sends to the body do you? You have a great deal of control over which thoughts you take action on don’t you? If you don’t then you are probably reading this article in jail or in a mental institution for the lack of that control.

So, could you not also control which possibilities provided by your imagination you will focus on to bring into being? I say that you can. I say that anyone could and should begin to trust their imagination as a guide to the creation of their own future.

Another thing that greatly limits imagination in so many people are secrets. The more imagination you have the easier it is to imagine that you will be found out. This being most uncomfortable, lots of people turn off their imagination rather than come clean. Fear is such a powerful weapon.

What you imagine you are, and hold that vision, (persist) then that you are.

If you imagine yourself a victim of anything then you are. If you can imagine that no matter what the odds you will succeed then indeed you will.

We have the opportunity here, presented by creation packed with possibilities into each moment, to not just survive but to thrive, you only need imagine that you will and hold to that vision. Expect miracles, watch for miracles, be a miracle. This is our time.

This brings us to the subject of the Venus Transit June 8th, 2004. Much has been said about the possible effects of this transit. Most of the reports point to a massive increase in our ability to connect or communicate to each other coming with this transit. There is a whole lot of talk about the emerging of telepathic abilities as an extra human sense. It makes sense to me that our evolution as a race is not over but only speeding up. Our physical / mental processes are pretty well evolved by now and the mental / spiritual or mental consciousness aspect of ourselves, would be a logical next step in our evolution. Telepathy fits this bill to a “T”. Who will receive this ability to mentally / spiritually be in communication with others where distance is not a factor? Those, who imagine themselves able to do it. That’s who. Those who can not imagine or worse yet, would dread this kind of ability, will most likely not be included in this step of evolution.

This will cut the herd wont it? You bet your Bippy it will. Now don’t you go and worry that you’ve been left behind in the evolution if you don’t start getting telepathic calls from your “evolved” friends on the next day, June 9th. This is going to be a gradual thing like growing up and taking your first steps. Some walk at 9 months old, some at 18 months. Some kids talk at 10 months, some at 2 years, this is same kinda deal. Probably as this ability is developing, the first thing you will be able to notice about someone is; are they open to be telepathically communicated with or not. If not, there is a reason and you should walk the other way as quickly as is polite.

Yes, this will cut the herd quite nicely. The 3rd “Night”, when people are already receiving impulses to find others of like mind, will start taking on new ramifications and a jump in acceleration of this gathering will take place as well.

Actually, many of you have already been getting flashes of this ability especially with loved ones. Matty and I have been receiving your many good wishes as we travel on our current adventure we are calling the “Migration of Consciousness Tour.” We hope that you have telepathically gotten our heart felt thanks because our ability to communicate through email or telephone has sucked real badly recently. (Our cell phone just keeps roaming that means no remote internet either)

To get more detail of the trials, tests, meetings, miracles and victories on this tour check the web page for updates.

That’s it for this 7th issue of the 3rd Night News. Good “Night” everyone.

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold

Ian Xel Lungold
Ian Xel Lungold at the Mayan Calendar stone in Coba, Mexico

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