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April 4 , 2011

1 - Reed (Ben)

Night 1 of the Universal Cycle - view detailed chart or view 9 Step Creation Cycles Chart for general info.

Time period



Step in process

Day 1

Mar 9 – Mar 26

Mar 17-18


>> Night 1 <<

Mar 27 –April 13

April 4-5


Day 2

April 14 – May 1

April 22-23


Night 2

May 2 – May 19

May 10-11


Day 3

May 20 – June 6

May 28-29


Night 3

June 7 – June 24

June 15-16


Day 4

June 25 – July 12

July 3-4

Leaf formation

Night 4

July 13 – July 30

July 21-22


Day 5

July 31 – Aug 17

Aug 8-9


Night 5

Aug 18 – Sept 4

Aug 26-27


Day 6

Sept 5 – Sept 22

Sept 13-14


Night 6

Sept 23 – Oct 10

Oct 1-2


Day 7

Oct 11 – Oct 28

Oct 19-20


Tzolkin Count of Days


Tzolkin Trecena Notes – 1 Ben (Reed)

Day 53 of the 260 Day Tzolkin

Gregorian Date: April 4, 2011

Year Bearer:  12 Eb


Trecenas are thirteen-day periods in the Tzolkin. Each Trecena starts with the Number 1, but with
a different Day Glyph. As a wave of the Thirteen Heavens, the underlying energy is governed by
the First Day Glyph of the Trecena and influences all thirteen successive Day Glyphs. Being aware
of the predominant energy of the First Day of the Trecena, we can align our intentions with that
energy and allow our goals to manifest.


This Trecena starts with 1 Ben (Reed/Corn) ambitious, strong, confident, inner power, authority,
crusader, champion, journeying in new directions, energy connector between heaven and earth,
sharing connections with others.


“The vertical lines or stalks at the top of this glyph that come only partway down signify spiritual
growth. The horizontal line, symbolizing multiplication and the horizon, is an altar table, and the
sacred trees, such as the ceiba and coral tree, with their roots, trunk, and canopy, also represent
a table or altar.” Carlos Barrios, The Book of Destiny.


Wind - Sun sign glyph
2006 Judith Ann Griffith


In Mayan prophecy, the god-king Feathered Serpent or Quetzalcoatl would return to humanity in the
year 1 Reed. According to legend, as a spiritual leader he advocated the replacement of human sacrifice
with flowers, songs and meditation. It was told that he erected a pillar in the city of Tula
“Place of Reeds” symbolizing the World Tree as an energy conduit between heaven and earth.


Reed energy, like a pillar receiving sunlight energy, serves as the connection between heaven and earth.
Thus Reed energy becomes a conduit of light energy, photosynthesis on a spiritual level, our continual
link through many levels from the primordial cellular level to the higher vibration level of
multidimensional existence. This photosynthesis of energy brings out the best in us, especially our
passion for a concept we believe in. We feel inclined to begin a crusade for change, and many may
gravitate to those born on the Day of Reed because of their clear visions of changing the world for
the better.


Another representation of the Trecena is that of a creative wave beginning at 1 and ending at 13, with
the numbers 6, 7 and 8 representing the crest of the wave. The crest could be interpreted as a strong
influential energy, although the underlying influence on the Trecena would still rest in the beginning.
This conduit of light energy crests on 6 Etznab (Flint), mirror or reflection, exposing our inner selves;
7 Cauac (Storm), gathering energy to clear and cleanse our spirit; and 8 Ahau (Sun), embodiment of
light energy which encourages our inner spirit to flower.


As we journey through each day of this Trecena:

Trecena Count 
Gregorian Date
Ninth Wave Count
1 Ben (Reed)
April 4, 2011
9 – Night 1
2 Ix (Jaguar) 
April 5
3   Men (Eagle) 
April 6
4 Cib (Owl/Wisdom)
April 7
5 Caban (Movement)
April 8
6 Etznab (Flint) 
April 9
7 Cauac (Storm) 
April 10
8 Ahau (Sun/Light) 
April 11
9  Imix (Crocodile)
April 12
10 Ik (Wind)
April 13
11 Akbal (Night/Hearth)
April 14    
1 – Day 2
12 Kan (Seed/Lizard) 
April 15    
13 Chicchan (Serpent) 
April 16

Utilize the energy of Reed to recognize and honor our inner strength of power and authority.  Now
is the time to access this higher vibration in order to make positive changes in our individual lives
and thus, the world.




In Lak’ech (I am another you),
William and Viola
©2007 William and Viola Welsch

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