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November 3 , 2010

5 - Crocodile (Imix)

Dear Mayan Majix Friends,

Today is the beginning of the 7th Day of the Galactic Underworld!

7th Day of the 8th Cycle

1) Celebrating the 7th Day

"The intention of this celebration is to co-create balance and mutual respect between the genders and the freedom for all
individuals to embody any combined expression of the sacred feminine and masculine."
click here

2) 7th Day Article by William and Viola Welsch - click here

3) Matty's Journal has been updated
- click here

4) Buddhist / Mayan - One Peace Live Free Global Video Webcast - Nov 6th and 7th

One Peace

"Buddhist and Mayan spiritual leaders are joining forces for a unique wisdom transmission and historical cultural unification.
This Sacred FireCeremony for oneness and world peace will occur on November 6th - 7th 2010.
You are invited to attend the
[VIDEO] webcast free of charge or by simply lighting a candle for peace, joining millions around the world as this special
ceremony begins."
click here

5) Interview with Kiesha Crowther - Little Grandmother - "a 32-year-old mother of two from southern Colorado,
USA. Two years ago she received a message from her Indian tribe that she also was the Little Grandmother, a shaman with a
mandate to launch "The Tribe of Many Colours". As a shaman, she is a link between The Other Side and our reality, and she now
travels the world to talk about the knowledge imparted to her by the ancestors, how she looks at our age, what it means to be a
shaman, and what it means to follow the path of the heart."

click here to listen to the 44 minute interview.

Note: this website is in Swedish which makes it a bit of a challenge to navigate

click here to view a graphic that I made to help you find the play button which is located on the right side and also under the main graphic.

6) New Mayan Symbol Pendants in wood - check out the amazing detail on these carvings - click here

Mayan Symbols carved in wood




Sacred Earth Journeys

Please check out their website!

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Mayan Majix

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