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November 22, 2012


Kenneth Johnson

Mayan Calendar Astrological Readings

Mayan Calendar astrology readings with Kenneth Johnson, author of Jaguar Wisdom and Mayan Calendar Astrology. Ken’s approach is very different from other Mayan astrology readings that you will find elsewhere on the Internet. Ken has worked personally with Don Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac of Momostenango and with Don Roberto of Zunil, as well as accessing material from students of Don Audelino Sac, a popular astrology teacher in Quetzaltenango.

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Tzolkin Count of Days


Tzolkin Trecena Notes – 1 Monkey (Chuen)

Day 131 of the 260 Day Tzolkin

Gregorian Date: November 22, 2012

Year Bearer:  13 Caban (Earth)

Trecenas are thirteen-day periods in the Tzolkin. Each Trecena starts with the Number 1, but with a different Day Glyph. As a wave of the Thirteen Heavens, the underlying energy is governed by the First Day Glyph of the Trecena and influences all thirteen successive Day Glyphs. Being aware of the predominant energy of the First Day of the Trecena, we can align our intentions with that energy and allow our goals to manifest.

This Trecena starts with 1 Chuen (Monkey) – master artisan, master craftsman, imaginative, mischievous, gaining wisdom through curiosity.

According to legend as recorded in the Popol Vuh, twin sons were born to One Hunahpu: One Batz and One Chuen (the word Batz meaning “monkey” in Quiche dialect and the word Chuen meaning “artisan or craftsman” in Yucatec dialect). Thus, this day sign symbolizes the monkey as the master artisan and master craftsman of all fine arts and innate knowledge. It is also considered to be one of the most fortunate and lucky day signs.

Flint (Etznab)

© 2006 Judith Ann Griffith

Artistic excellence was honored and held sacred by the Ancient Maya as evidenced by the inscriptions left on stone monuments, cave walls and pottery. Kenneth Johnson in Jaguar Wisdom writes: “The funerary inscriptions on ancient Mayan ceramics make it clear that the Classic Mayan scribes were painters as well as literary artists and keepers of sacred lore. These members of the Mayan royal houses who specialized in knowledge recognized the Monkey God as their patron deity. Given such an intimate connection between sacred knowledge and creative artistry, we should not be surprised to learn that Monkey is still regarded as the day of the ‘masters of all the arts’ as well as being one of the days dedicated to the Calendar keepers and their lore. Monkey is the day of the craftsman, the wisdom-keeper and the artist. It exemplifies both the spiritual and creative power as well as the over-reaching egotism of the artistic temperament.”

“The Maya depict time as a thread wound around a giant reed underneath the Earth. This thread is unraveled as time goes by. History is woven from time, just as clothing is made from woven threads. Before the Maya used thread, they wove with pop, or palm and thus the Popul Vuh was originally called the Pop Vuh. This sign indicates that time has unraveled, giving us life and existence. This is why we are happy and dance around the fire from right to left during a sacred ceremony, until we have circled it thirteen times. When the ceremony is about to end, we dance around the fire another thirteen times, from left to right, winding up the spool of time again. This symbolizes our love and desire for more life. Ajaw, the Great Father, is movement, and dance is movement. The Creators and Makes tossed a thread to the end of the universe, then folded it and threw it back.” Carlos Barrios The Book of Destiny.

Another representation of the Trecena is that of a creative wave beginning at 1 and ending at 13, with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 representing the crest of the wave. The crest could be interpreted as a strong influential energy, although the underlying influence on the Trecena would still rest in the beginning. In this Trecena, the crest falls on 6 Cib (Vulture/Owl), 7 Caban (Earth), and 8 Etznab (Flint). Therefore, a creative intention that incorporates the aspects of cleansing and letting go, grounding ourselves with nature, and using our creativity to transform our reality could easily manifest during this Trecena. Remember that egotism is the dark side of this fortunate and lucky day sign, so don’t become so self-centered that you fail to think of others.

As we journey through each day of this Trecena:

Trecena Count 
Gregorian Date
1 Chuen (Monkey) 
November 22 , 2012
2 Eb (Road)
November 23
3 Ben (Reed)  
November 24
4 Ix (Jaguar)
November 25
5 Men (Eagle)
November 26
6 Cib (Vulture) 
November 27
7 Caban (Earth)
November 28
8 Etznab (Flint)
November 29
9 Cauac (Storm)
November 30
10 Ahau (Sun)
December 1
11 Imix (Crocodile)
December 2
12 Ik (Wind)
December 3
13 Akbal (Night)
December 4

Utilize the spiritual and creative energy of Monkey to weave something new and positive in your time and space.


In Lak’ech (I am another you),
William and Viola
©2007 William and Viola Welsch



Happy Birthday to Matty!

2) New World Birth Video for 1 - Monkey (Chuen) by Scott Davis
- Click here

1-Chuen daily digest: Preface: The Fall by Eagle Solomon - Click here

4) Shift of the Ages Global Concordance Program Launch - Recorded call from 11/15/12.


The Maya did NOT predict the end of the world.

The world will NOT end on December 21st 2012.

The Mayan calendar does NOT end.

The Maya did NOT disappear with the Spanish invasion.

Many Mayan elders do NOT believe that December 21st 2012 is the end of their Long Count Calendar.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, we can consider WHY the Maya are so important to us today.

All the buzz and importance of December 21st 2012 can be attributed ultimately to one single source: the great wisdom and perseverance of the Maya, who are in fact very much alive and with us today.

For over 500 hundred years Mayan elders have held the flame of humanity's greater purpose through their prophecies, teachings, ceremonies, dance, language and day-to-day living within their Sacred Calendar, the Tzolkin.

This ancient wisdom, shared with the world now at this most auspicious time, is the inspiration for Common Passion's Shift of the Ages Global Concordance Program, which begins this Thursday November 15th and continues for the next 90 days.

Our mission is to honor the Maya; to awaken and celebrate the realization of humanity's oneness as we transition to a new age - a new Sun - through the teachings and wisdom of Mayan prophecies and elders, specifically their elected Grand Elder, Wakatel Utiw, "Wandering Wolf."

Click here to read the entire message.

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