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November 17, 2016

2017 Mayan Wall Calendars

2017 Mayan Wall Calendars

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Tzolkin Count of Days


Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Deer (Manik)

Day 27 of the 260 Day Tzolkin

Gregorian Date: November 17, 2016

Year Bearer:  4 Earth (Caban)

Trecenas are thirteen-day periods in the Tzolkin. Each Trecena starts with the Number 1, but with
a different Day Glyph. As a wave of the Thirteen Heavens, the underlying energy is governed by
the First Day Glyph of the Trecena and influences all thirteen successive Day Glyphs. Being aware
of the predominant energy of the First Day of the Trecena, we can align our intentions with that
energy and allow our goals to manifest.

This Trecena starts with 1 Manik (Deer/Healing Hand) - instinctual, intuitive, ritual dance, stabilizes
the four directions, purifies spirit to rise above limitations.

Deer energy represents the aspect of spiritual leadership, a day that opens a portal for all to express the holiness and sanctity of life. Many shamanic rituals were performed on Deer Days giving thanks to the Ancestors. Shamans themselves were initiated on the most sacred day of all, 8 Deer. The Deer Dance Festival was an ancient ritual dance performed annually. It is still performed today by many native cultures and symbolizes equality and balance between man and nature, hunter and hunted, the sacred rhythm of the cosmic dance.

Deer energy is the silence of all that has gone before and all that will happen in the future reflected
in the eyes of the deer. The glyph itself shows a healing hand. One interpretation is that the hand
is holding the spark of life, the thread that connects our past and future with our present moment.

Deer (Manik)

© 2006 Judith Ann Griffith

The energy of the Deer uplifts our spirit to rise above our worldly limitations. This can be an
empowering time to speak freely about strongly held beliefs for the good of the community, family
and/or self. This is especially important at this time because of the shift which Earth is presently
experiencing. No longer can things remain the same with the same paradigms controlling events.
Now is the time for change and now is the time for that change to be oriented toward the good
of humanity (not corporations). Let’s look to our ancestors for the knowledge and wisdom needed
in the present moment to visualize and dream a new future.

Another representation of the Trecena is that of a creative wave beginning at 1 and ending at 13,
with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 representing the crest of the wave. The crest could be interpreted as
a strong influential energy, although the underlying influence on the Trecena would still rest in the
beginning. Deer energy underlies (or influences) the days of 6 Eb, the ladder or pyramid of the Road
of Life; 7 Ben, the pillar or World Tree, source of all inner power; and 8 Ix, the Jaguar, Lord of
Darkness, who rules the Underworld or our shadow selves, and also the Lord of four-legged animals.
The sacred protection and groundedness of Deer energy provides an opportunity to travel our
spiritual path of inner exploration without fear. We are then free to express our heart-felt beliefs
for the good of humanity.

As we journey through each day of this Trecena:

Trecena Count 
Gregorian Date
1 Deer (Manik)   
November 17, 2016
2 Star (Lamat)
November 18
3 Offering (Muluc)
November 19
4 Dog (Oc)
November 20
5 Monkey (Chuen)
November 21
6 Road (Eb) 
November 22
7 Reed (Ben) 
November 23
8 Jaguar (Ix)   
November 24
9 Eagle (Men) 
November 25
10 Wisdom (Cib) 
November 26
11 Earth (Caban) 
November 27
12 Flint (Etznab)  
November 28
13 Storm (Cauac)
November 29

Utilize the sacred energy of Deer to connect with your spirituality. This is a great time to perform
ceremony, ritual and dance giving thanks to the Ancestors for the gift of life and for the opportunity
to live a new future on earth through expressions of love and peace.


In Lak’ech (I am another you),

William and Viola

©2007 William and Viola Welsch


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1) Manik Trecena Article by Kenneth Johnson - Click here

Among other things, Kej is the nawal or guardian spirit of Nature – wild, beautiful Nature and all our four-footed brethren who live there. Upon this day, it is favorable to spend some time in Nature. The trees, the streams, the wild things – they all contribute to endowing us with the balance and the sense of harmony, unity and oneness which the awesome power of this day demands. If you can manage it, take a hike. Even if your job confines you to an office cubicle, you can still take your lunch hour at a local park. Sit under a tree or on a bench next to a melodious stream. You will be glad you did...READ MORE

Lamat Glyph by Gergorio Itzep

Kenneth Johnson
Personal Mayan Calendar Astrological
Readings by Kenneth Johnson

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2) The Trecena of Deer / Manik by Jaguar Spirit - Click here

1 - Star (Lamat) by Debra Malmos


Greetings Kin,

We start from a new beginning under the guidance of Deer/MANIK. As we have been transformed through a correspondence of Mind and Spirit, Deer can lead us to a Transformation that empowers us through a Sense of Purpose.

Deer/MANIK holds a Spiritual Tool to overcome every limitation. As the Day Sign of the Mayan priest, we will be led to a deeper understanding of ourselves as God’s own Hands in the world.
As we realize the Divine Aspects of ourselves, we can recognize the Truth of our own Spiritual Authority when our Intentions are aligned with the Divine Will of the Creator. Our next Higher Transformation of Consciousness will raise our awareness to the Divine Power that rests in our own Hands. We ARE the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Visit the Jaguar Spirit blog for more inspiration on the Deer/MANIK trecena and a 13-Day Trecena Guide with the forecast of daily energies.
in lak'ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN


3) 1 - Manik Trecena Daily Digest by Eagle Solomon - Click here

Lamat Glyph by Gergorio Itzep

1-Manik: The Lone Pilgrim

Born on this day: Bob Schieffer, Matthew Modine, Franz Beckenbauer,
Antonis Samaras (Greek president), Moses Montefiore, Ernst Alexanderson

1 - Manik

Today I plant a seed of healing and cleansing

The sun came up clear and warm this morning. The skies were clean and pristine, no clouds
and no aerosol debris. Every morning can seem just like the one before it, but this one didn’t.
I was different.

Comfort runs deep enough to elude me. It begins with my body vehicle – where I sit and how
long I sit there; the paths I take from and to. It continues with the people I talk to and meet.
Then comfort gets too comfy dwelling on ideas that are “same, same, but different”.
It goes on and on and it’s all-pervasive.

It’s time to try something that really scares me.

Manik is essentially this overall impression. He is the lone pilgrim.

“There’s more to life than this.”


4) Thanks to for the November Tzolkin calendar - Click here

Mayan Tzolkin for March 2016

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1 - Cauac
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