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Dear Mayan Majix Friends,

Sorry for contacting you late on a Friday but some urgent news came in just a few hours ago.

1) Today is 1 - Transformer (Cimi)
- Read about Today on the Mayan Tzolkin

     13 day period (Trecena) = Transformer (Cimi)

    Our Sacred Universe by Sean Caulfield is an interesting article on the 1 - Transformer (Cimi) Trecena

2) Matty's Journal was updated today.

Madaline and Gary wanted me to mention that the Galactic Transformer as well as their newest web site Garden GladStones has been updated to include much more information of the applied science,  Quantum Generator Technology!  Also, for a limited time only, Free shipping for all Domestic orders as well as level two and above Pendants for International purchase!

3) 2012 the Movie - opens today 11/13/09 in theaters around the USA.

Urgent Request from the Shift of the Ages - click here

b) Citizens Review of the 2012 movie - Please make your opinion known to 2012 film makers at SONY by filling out this on-line movie review form which the Mayan Calendar just posted.

c) Mayan Calendar web sites pull together in joint Press Release
to raise awareness of the true meaning of the Mayan Calendar and the end date. Stay tuned for more updates.

El Quetzal Issue 2: 1 Cimi - Mayan Calendar Portal Newsletter.

5) Mayan Calendar Talks - in New Mexico, Seattle, and Chicago. For specific dates please check out
the INFO CENTER section of Mayan Majix.

6) Mayan Calendar Blogs - New blogger added - Kenneth Johnson author of "Jaguar Wisdom". The blog is titled:
titled "The Mayan Calendar and the Art of Dreaming"

7) Mayan Calendar BOOK SALE - Our Feature book is Carl Johan Calleman's New Book "The Purposeful Universe."
All Mayan Calendar Books are priced at $13.99 plus shipping which is 30-50% off the suggested retail price!

8) 2010 Mayan Calendar Products - we have 2010 Mayan Daily Guides and Mayan Wall Calendars in stock
just in time for early Christmas shopping. Thanks for your support it really helps keep Mayan Majix going ;-)

2010 Mayan Daily Guide
2009 Mayan Wall Calendar


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