Mayan Majix Announcement

7 - Crocodile (Imix)

August 20, 2009

Dear Mayan Majix Friends,

We have a a number of announcements today.

1) Today is 7 - Crocodile (Imix) on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar and is in the Eagle (Men) trecena
also called a 13 day period.

To read more about today on the Mayan Calendar go to this link:

To read about the Eagle trecena click this link:

2) Matty's Journal has been updated. Matty also wanted me to let you know that she is in Southern California
if you would like to meet up and visit.

You can reach her at:

To read her journal click this link:

3) Mayan Calendar Interview with Dr. Calleman from Berlin:

4) New Mayan Calendar Video by Dr. Calleman - The Mayan Calendar and Money

5) First recognition by mainstream science that the Mayan calendar has meaning

also check out this link:

6) Message from the Mayan Calendar Portal -
The Mayan Calendar Portal, MCP version 2.0, will be launched to the international Mayan Calendar community on 09.09.09, 1 Imix in the Tzolk'in, an auspicious day in both the Mayan and the Gregorian calendars.  We have selected this date after consulting with Dr. Calleman and several other persons, in order to select the most appropriate day for this special event.

The MCP/LUCITÀ team would like to thank everyone in the Mayan Majix community who submitted their Mayan Calendar story, artwork and music.  Submissions will continue to be accepted now through the launch and beyond of course, but your first round of contributions will have helped make the launch all that more exciting.

The new MCP site will feature much more interactivity and content than the previous site, including media galleries, a blog, and our Twitter account, which you can actually already start following:   

Any questions or comments please email the producers at   Thanks again for everyone's support and blessings and see you on 1 Imix 09.09.09!

7) Call For Assistance - We are starting to plan for the second Harmonic Convergence, May 27-28 until July 17-18 next year. I feel there will be a need for a special web site for this so we are putting out a call for assistance for web designers and managers. If you are interested please contact Dr. Calleman:

8) Mayan Sacred Path Journey - December 3 - 12, 2009 - There are still a few seats available. If you are interested please go to:

9) Special Thanks to our Newsletter Sponsor - author and teacher Susan Oliver:

Susan Oliver - Book - Hunting For Power Impeccable is based mainly on the Toltec Path to Freedom with the Intent of sharing skills, tools and Medicines to assist anyone who is hunting their personal Power and is on a Path with a Heart. We are all our own teachers and healers, no one else can really do this for us, but we can share our lessons and wisdom. Here you'll find useful exercises, tips and techniques to assist you on your road of self discovery.

10) Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who have dedicated so much time and effort to assist Mayan Majix!
In particular, I want to honor Vida Shaw who recently passed. She dedicated untold hours assisting me with the Mayan Majix articles over the past 5 years. Her efforts will never be forgotten and her kind friendship will be dearly missed.


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Thanks for your support!

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