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July 05, 2010

Dear Mayan Majix Friends,

Today is 1 - Sun (Ahau) and begins a new Trecena (13 day period) - click here for more details

Matty's Journal has been updated - click here

Matty Kathie and Carl
Kathie, Madaline, and Carl


a) Event Flyer - we have just posted the Conscious Convergence Event Flyer which you can print out or post on your website to help get the word out about the Conscious Convergence. This flyer provides specific details on the Conscious Convergence as well as a new message from Dr. Calleman about a suggested ceremony to recreate the
"Global Tree of Life" - click here

b) New Video Interview of Dr. Calleman on the Conscious Convergence -
this is a really good one! - click here

c) Conscious Convergence Website
- In the next two weeks we will be posting on information you can use to either perform your own ceremony with your group or join in the global Ceremony and tele-webcast that is being offered by CommonPassion and the Conscious Convergence Core Team. Meanwhile, here are some starting details:

Global Tele-Webcast (access details to be provided later)

July 17th: A 2-hour program starting at 7 am Pacific Time, 16:00 Central European time, 23:00 Tokyo Time. This program will focus on release, purification, forgiveness, letting go of the old, welcoming the new, and starting a new beginning based on a consciousness of unity.

July 18th: A 2-hour program starting at 7 am Pacific Time, 16:00 Central European time, 23:00 Tokyo Time. This program will focus on renewing ourselves in the consciousness of unity and consciously, collectively activating the Global Tree of Life, with participants covering the four corners of the earth. Ceremonial activities  will include the joining with the elements, the four directions, a global meditation, silence, and powerful intention-setting processes.

3) Sacred Journey Peru-Bolivia September 3-17, 2010 - view flyer - click here

Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo, wife of Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj - "Wandering Wolf" - and Joseph Giove are organizing the Journey, accompanied by a Mayan Elder from Guatemala and other elders and spiritual guides in the local regions in Peru and Bolivia.

Please note that this journey includes a special Ayahuaska ceremony in the Sacred Valley of Peru lead by local shaman and spiritual leader Paullo Cente and another indigenous elder.

We've put together a unique and amazing journey, as I am sure you'll agree when you see the program description on the attached. We will only be taking 20 guests with us. Please let me know right away if you may be able to come.

I sure hope you can join us. It will be a sacred union and communion with you in the sacred land of the Incas, Aymarans
and the Andes!

All my best,

Joseph Giove
+1(925) 215-4017

4) El Quetzal Issue 20: 1 Ahau - click here

5) Mayan Majix - Summer Jewelry and Book Sale - click here

A Special Thanks to our Newsletter Sponsor - The Mayan Calendar Portal

The Mayan Calendar Portal



Conscious Convergence July 17th and 18th -

Mayan Trips / Sacred Journeys -
we are in touch with a number organizations who offer spiritual trips to the Mayalands. Here is an updated list of the current trips available for 2010 - click here

Mayan Calendar Course - Understanding the Mayan Calendar
- taught by Carl Johan Calleman at International Metaphysical University. For more details go to or call 304-295-4411.

Daily Tzolkin in 10 languages:
English, French, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Italian, Arabic
or EMBED the Daily Tzolkin on your web site.

- Mayan Calendar / Conversion Codices, DVD's, Mayan Jewelry are available at wholesale pricing.

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Thanks so much for your support!

Mayan Majix

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