Mayan Majix Announcement

7 - Wisdom (Cib)

June 16, 2009

Dear Friends of Mayan Majix,

We have a a number of announcements today.

1) Today is a 7 - Wisdom (Cib) on the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. To read the meaning of today go to this link:

2) Request from Matty - Matty and Darylle would like to video tape their Scottsdale, Arizona Mayan Calendar talk. The talk is on June 27th at the Scottsdale Civic Library from 11:00 to 3:00 P.M. If you can assist with this project or know someone who can help please contact Matty. to read more details on this talk go to this link:

3) Mayan Calendar Portal Message

The Mayan Calendar Portal (, the portal site for all things Mayan Calendar with whom Mayan Majix has been working since 2006, will be relaunched in less than 2 months.  The new site will retain the original design, but will present a comprehensive site overhaul, including all of its navigation and content.  An international media campaign will then follow.   

The new site, MCP 2.0, will be much more interactive and will feature the stories of people and organizations actively living with the Mayan Calendar from all over the world.  We want you to be among the first to have your stories featured on the new site.  

This is why the producers of the Portal are reaching out to the Mayan Majix community.

We want to hear from those of you who are using the Mayan Calendar in your lives, whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or are just starting to integrate it into your life.  Just send an email to us at, with your responses to the questions that you see below.  For those of you wishing to submit videos, photos and audio files please email us the links if you've got it online, or contact us if you need to submit them directly. 

You can also learn more here:

Thank you in advance and please feel free to forward this email to your friends and colleagues who may be interested.

Namaste and In Lak'ech, 

Birgitte Rasine and Michael Shore


Full Name:




Organization or Company:

1.) How many in your family/community/group are currently living with the Mayan calendar?

2.) How do you use the Mayan Calendar in your everyday life? Do you combine it with the Gregorian calendar or are you living strictly “Mayan”?

3.) How has the Mayan Calendar influenced or changed your way of life or thinking?

4.) What challenges or difficulties have you encountered in making the transition, or incorporating the calendar into your daily life?

5.) What would you say are the benefits of living with the Mayan Calendar?

6.) Do you have a blog or a web site you’d like your story to link to?

7.) Any other comments, thoughts, suggestions or questions for us:

To send us videos, photos, audio files or other materials, please either email them directly, if they're under 2MB, otherwise let us know what you'd like to send and we'll send you a separate email account.  We accept most formats, including JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, PDF and Word files.  

4) Mayan Calendar Class in Waynesboro, Virginia - June 22nd, 6:30-8:30 P.M. The class is an
"Introduction to the Mayan Calendar" presented by Glenn Mingo and is Free.


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