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February 12, 2010

Dear Mayan Majix Friends,

1) Today is 1 - Earth (Caban)
- Read about Today on the Mayan Tzolkin

     13 day period (Trecena) = Earth (Caban)

2) Matty's Journal was updated.

Madaline and Gary wanted me to mention that now for limited time all Galactic Transformer Pendant orders are
25% off retail price!  Also the Garden GladStones prices have been slashed by a whopping 30% reduction!
This sale ends Valentine's Day.

3) Mayan Majix Server Upgrade - If you have been wondering why you haven't received a newsletter in the past few months it's because most of January was spent moving the Mayan Majix website to a new web server. With over 10,000 files the switch proved to be more challenging than estimated. Fortunately, we have succeeded and are now on a faster, more reliable and secure server. If you happen to notice any page errors please let us know.

4) The Shift of the Ages:

New Video -
of Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, also known as Wandering Wolf, Grand Elder of the living Maya
click this link and select the "Message from Wandering Wolf" button.

The Shift Newsletter - February Issue - click here

The Shift of the Ages

5) Mayan Calendar Course -
Understanding the Mayan Calendar - taught by Carl Johan Calleman at International Metaphysical University. For more details go to or call 304-295-4411.

6) Universal Underworld Date Question - we have received a number of e-mails asking for clarification on when the Universal Underworld is to begin? In Dr. Calleman's first two books he theorized that the Universal Underworld would begin on Feb. 11, 2011. This is the date that we used on Mayan Majix until Dr. Calleman's October 2009 article, where he explains in the foot notes his evolving ideas about the begriming date of the Universal Underworld. We have now updated our charts to reflect Dr. Calleman's decision to go with the date of March 8, 2011. I am sure if Ian were with us today he too would have updated this date in his talks since this is a logical evolution of Dr. Calleman's theory. Here is what Dr. Calleman wrote:

*** "In my earlier books I have vacillated when it comes to the duration of the Universal Underworld, sometimes thinking that it will be a tzolkin round of 260 days and sometimes that it would be a twentieth of the Galactic Underworld, which would amount to 13 x 18 = 234 days. As we are now getting close to the final transformation scenario I have come to lean over to the idea that the Universal Underworld will indeed be 234 days long placing its beginning at March 8, 2011 and the beginning of the preceding pre-Universal Underworld at July 17, 2010. The uncertainty with this is that there seems to be no ancient Mayan source describing such a 18 day oxlahunkin time period, even if it would seem to be the logical one. On the other hand the ancient Maya did not have to deal with the transformation scenario into a new world and so may have ignored this time period, while it still may become very important in our own time. There is in fact a precedent to how a cycle only became followed by the Maya as its effects became a reality. This is the so-called Short Counts of 13 katuns, which were not observed in Classical Mayan times presumably because their effects were then not yet strongly felt. Only later in Post-Classical times did the effects of these Short Counts become so strong that they became the dominating cycles followed by the Maya and so came to replace the Long Count as the central calendrical cycle. Thus, if the Classical Maya did not base their calendars on the Short Counts they would have had even less reason to take a 18 day cycle into account, which to them would have an effect only in a very distant future.***

7) Mayan Trips / Sacred Journeys - we are in touch with a number organizations who offer spiritual trips to the Mayalands. Here is an updated list of the current trips available for 2010 - click here

8) Question to our readers from a Russian Researcher
- Sergy is researching physics and time concepts. He has a hunch that the ancients knew of this symbol is asking if any one has seen this symbol in their studies of ancient cultures. If you can help please e-mail Sergey:


9) Music to the Mayan Calendar -
German guitar group BALANZA has created a wonderful 20 song music CD with one song for each of the 20 Mayan Sun Signs. The CD is 75 minutes in length and is the culmination one and half years of composing and living each day with the energies of the Mayan calendar. The rhythmic South American style music takes the listener on a musical journey beginning with Crocodile (Imix) - "La Fuente" and progresses through the Tzolkin to the final sun sign of Sun (Ahau) - "Zamba del Soul."

Music to the Mayan Calendar
South American Music to the Mayan Calendar

Click here to listen to song samples and to order CD

10) 2010 Mayan Wall Calendars ON SALE - at the reduced price of $12.00 each.

2009 Mayan Wall Calendar


A Special Thanks to our Newsletter Sponsor - The Mayan Calendar Portal

The Mayan Calendar Portal
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Mayan Majix

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