Tzolkin Trecena Notes – 1 Serpent (Chicchan)

Day 105 of the 260 Day Tzolkin

July 20, 2008



Trecenas are thirteen-day periods in the Tzolkin. Each Trecena starts with the Number 1, but with a different Day Glyph. As a wave of the Thirteen Heavens, the underlying energy is governed by the First Day Glyph of the Trecena and influences all thirteen successive Day Glyphs. Being aware of the predominant energy of the First Day of the Trecena, we can align our intentions with that energy and allow our goals to manifest.


This Trecena starts with 1 Chicchan (Serpent/Snake) – celestial life force, bringer of rain, sensual, passionate, primal knowledge of duality, heart expansion through service to others.


To the Ancient Maya, Chicchan or Serpent/Snake was the bringer of rain, symbolized by the Snake Dance or Rain Dance performed by many native cultures such as the Hopi in the Desert Southwest and the Toltec in Mexico . In Maya legend, there were four Chicchans, Sky Serpents, who encircled the world and were responsible for guarding the four quarters of the world. When they spoke, thunder was heard which was followed by lightning and rain. The image of a snake combined with a lightning bolt is found in ancient Anasazi petroglyphs representing lightning not only in the sky but also lightning in the body. This corresponds to the Maya concept of “blood lightning” and the Hindu concept of “kundalini” energy running up the spine. Thus, Serpent Energy is a symbol of the life force that flows in the body and in the sky.


Chicchan or Serpent energy connects our primal reptilian core to our spiritual aspirations. When we feel this energy, we are energized to connect and live in two realities, the material 3-D reality (everyday mundane) and the spiritual magical reality where all things are possible.

© 2006 Judith Ann Griffith

Another representation of the Trecena is that of a creative wave beginning at 1 and ending at 13, with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 representing the crest of the wave. The crest could be interpreted as a strong influential energy, although the underlying influence on the Trecena would still rest in the beginning. This Trecena crests on 6 Oc (Dog), courage and faith which guides us on our spiritual journey; 7 Chuen (Monkey), artistic excellence which we strive for on our spiritual path; and 8 Eb (Road), our spiritual destiny or road of life.


As we journey through each day of this Trecena:  1 Chicchan (Serpent), 2 Cimi (Death/Transofrmation), 3 Manik (Deer), 4 Lamat (Rabbit), 5 Muluc (Water), 6 Oc (Dog), 7 Chuen (Monkey), 8 Eb (Road), 9 Ben (Reed), 10 Ix (Jaguar), 11 Men (Eagle), 12 Cib (Vulture), 13 Caban (Earth), utilize the energy of Serpent to connect your core with your spiritual aspirations or destiny. Go with the flow, have faith in your destiny, gratitude in your heart, love in your actions and allow your intuition to guide you.


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In Lak’ech,

William and Viola

©2008 William and Viola Welsch